DevOps Engineer

Sitback is looking for a DevOps Engineer to join their team in Sydney.

Employer: Sitback

Location:Sydney / Australia

Position: DevOps Engineer


You will be part of our technical team who deliver awesome projects for new and existing customers. You will be responsible for firstly all our DevOps, and also working within the development team.

The role will be divided into two parts (50% each):

• Development:
– Work as a Back-End Developer for PHP projects (WordPress, Drupal, etc)

• Operations:
– Build and Manage AWS platforms (both Linux & Windows)
– Build and Manage Azure platforms (both Linux & Windows)
– Update and manage Docker containers
– Manage Jenkins
– Build and manage Code Integration (CI) and Code Deployment (CD) processes

Knowledge And Skills:

A proven track record in the following areas is desirable:
• Managing Linux servers
• Experience with AWS and preferably with Azure
• Experience with developing websites, with a good understanding of PHP
• Preference will be given to experience in building modules and plugins for Drupal or WordPress
• Experienced with Capistrano, Ansible etc.

Key competencies:

• Excellent technical understanding
• Ability to work under pressure
• Commitment to ongoing learning
• Good written and spoken skills in English

What can you expect from Sitback:

We are an ambitious, hardworking team who strive to deliver great work! We are passionate about technology and continuous innovation. We are proud of our multicultural backgrounds and through shared respect and transparency we have an AWESOME working environment. We are a supportive team where development and progression are encouraged. Working with us at Sitback is a mix of passion, fun, and teamwork!

• A great working environment with supportive mentors and the opportunity to learn from experienced peers
• A packed social calendar, BBQs, Active April, World Food Month, Serene September, Poker nights and much more
• The opportunity to work with high profile clients
• A flexible working environment where we encourage forward thinking and nurture ideas
• We promote excellence at all levels in all roles and will work with you to ensure you are given every tool to succeed

Expectations based on our values:

Teamwork: Maintain productive and friendly working relationships with other members of staff, clients, partners and external vendors
Excellence: Ensure that all work produced is to the best of my abilities, representing Sitback in the most effective way possible
Nurture: Support the development of my teammates, and always be looking for ways to improve my own knowledge and abilities to improve Sitback’s competitive advantage
Innovation: Use my experience and wider knowledge to find more effective ways to carry out my duties
Focus: Always consider the experience of our prospective and current clients, as well as my internal clients, ensuring whenever possible that everything I do is centred around their needs

Key skills:

• Experience managing Linux servers
• Experience with AWS and preferably with Azure
• Experience with developing websites
• A good understanding of PHP
• Experience building modules and plugins for Drupal or WordPress
• Experience with Capistrano and Ansible

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Sitback provide Web & Software Development in Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, & Umbraco, and UX Research & Design services to customer-focused organisations across Australia.

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