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SEOmonitor is looking for a Community Manager to join their team.


SEOmonitor develops SEO tools for the most demanding digital marketing professionals, SEO agencies.

As our company grows, the responsibilities that were shared between product, marketing and customer success have created an opportunity for the first community management hire in SEOmonitor. Community means many things but, at its core, it is about scaling evangelism from our customers.

About you:

  • A great team player that embodies these three primary virtues: humbleness, drive and people smarts
  • Passionate about moving forward, innovating, and improving
  • Open and genuine, capable of receiving and giving feedback
  • Not bullsh*tting; no buzzwords, “fluff” or corporate lingo

What You Need For This Role:

  • Passionate about joining SEOmonitor’s mission
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience with sourcing and managing video production companies, events planning agencies and designing conferences
  • Be close to the UTC timezone so that you can participate in our daily standups at 10 am GMT+3
  • You consider yourself a technical person and quickly figure out on your own how to use new tools
  • Major bonus points for previously organizing meet-ups or small conferences for the SEO industry

What You’ll Do:

  • Collect use cases from our SEO agencies users and translate them into messaging
  • Own the product update communication process
  • Plan the first Seasonal Product Launch for SEOmonitor
  • Research and sponsor meet-ups and Slack communities
  • Facilitate SEOmonitor’s power users’ SEO conferences appearances
  • Organize monthly calls with power users taking into account their user experience and communicating product decisions
  • Own the review platforms process and maintain up-to-date messaging and positioning

Apply for the job:

Do you want to join our team as our new Community Manager? Then we’d love to hear about you!

Job Application Link:


SEOmonitor is the Agency focused SEO Management platform consisting of 9 products under 3 broad use-cases: manage, research and report.

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