Client Success & Operations Manager

Literal Humans is looking for a Client Success & Operations Manager to join their team in London.


Literal Humans is looking for a Client Success & Operations Manager to join their team in London.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and optimise internal agency operations, including process improvement, resource allocation, and project management to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Manage and mentor a small team of creatives and operational staff, providing guidance and support to ensure smooth day-to-day operations
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, creative, and technical teams, to ensure seamless execution of client projects and campaigns
  • Build and maintain strong client relationships, serving as the primary point of contact for clients and ensuring their needs are met
  • Proactively identify and address client challenges, providing strategic recommendations and solutions to achieve client success
  • Conduct regular client reviews and prepare performance reports to measure and communicate the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives
  • Develop and implement client success strategies to maximise client retention, satisfaction, and upsell opportunities
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in digital and content marketing, providing insights and recommendations to clients and internal teams
  • Collaborate with senior management to drive business growth, including identifying new business opportunities, participating in sales presentations, and contributing to business development efforts

Client Management (50%)

  • Empower teams to deliver for clients: Work closely with Content Ops/Strategy, Design, Writing, Development, Social Media, and PR teams (this is usually 1-2 people within our small agency) to ensure clients are getting what we’ve promised to deliver in our engagements
  • Play nice with clients: Organise and facilitate regular client check-ins (usually monthly) that are informed by data-driven insights and move our strategy forward with clients
  • Connect client success to biz dev: Build plans to upsell existing clients on additional services (based on a solid understanding of their existing strategy and current results) as well as structure timelines for gradually increasing prices to ensure growth for the agency
  • Serve as the first point of client contact: Be the first point of communication with clients on most matters, knowing when and how to defer to key team members and when to step in (e.g., a client has a design question specific to how Figma works—maybe leave it to our senior designer to answer directly)
  • Focus on the little things for our clients: Organise and execute gratitude and client happiness campaigns that add that little extra to each client’s experience with the agency. (For example, you might organise a gift basket paired with LH merch for next clients to be delivered at the start of their engagement with us.)
  • Analyse client satisfaction: Devise and execute ways to measure client happiness while using that data to inform strategy and client management techniques (e.g. NPS scores, surveys, questionnaires, entry/exit interviews, etc.)

Internal Operations (45%)

  • Data-driven ops: Build and manage client dashboards (e.g. Google Data Studio) that tell the story of how our work is driving results for/with our clients
  • Project management galore: Oversee all internal project management (Asana) and ensure tasks across the team are completed in a timely and high-quality fashion
  • Ensure efficient use of team’s time: Ensure that time is being tracked accurately across all client projects (e.g. using Harvest time management software, which will be new for us)
  • Facilitate team standups: Run weekly client ops meetings to get the entire team on the same page about how we’re winning each and every client engagement
  • Coaching: Support content strategists, writers, designers, developers, social media managers, PR specialists, and all team members to perform and deliver their best work
  • Ongoing improvement: Be regularly thinking of and executing ways to improve internal systems to make things more efficient, easier to use, and smarter for our team
  • Quality assurance: Ensure systems are in place to check and double-check work before it gets to the clients. Build multiple yet speedy layers for this
  • Manage vendors and freelancers: Devise and operate systems to effectively and seamlessly integrate vendors and freelancers into our internal workflows

Admin, Managing Up, and a little Whimsy (5%)

  • Offer [radical candor]: Help the team understand what’s working/not working within client engagements (through data-driven insights) and lead them toward key fixes
  • Manage up: Tell the agency leadership what they need to hear in order to fix things within the agency and grow the business
  • Imagine: Take an hour each week to take a long walk in the park and dream up better ways we could run the agency


  • 👨🏾‍💻 Remote: Work how and where you want. (Preference for folks who can align with UK and US business hours as we have many clients in the US. This could mean starting your day later and ending a bit later if you’re UK-based.)
  • 💰 Compensation: £37-£47K/year (open to negotiation)
  • Bonuses: We share the profits across the team while also reinvesting them in building a stronger agency. As such, we strive to offer four-figure bonuses twice yearly (June & Dec), dependent on our profitability.
  • Cost of living increases: We strive to increase our team’s salary according to inflation, at minimum. In 2023, we raised the team’s salary by 10% (UK inflation rate) at their 1-year mark
  • 💷 Pension: 3% contribution to a [NEST pension scheme that helps to fight climate change]
  • 🕑 Flexible: Enjoy a 4-day work week (Summer Fridays — all year round.)
  • 🧧 Paid Leave: 20 discretionary days all UK bank holidays our agency is closed the last two weeks of December each year. That’s a lot of paid leave!
  • 🏢 Co-Working Pass: We’ll sort your [co-working space]( to help you maximise your creativity
  • 👨🏾‍🏫 Learning: Access to upskilling resources in digital marketing, design, branding, etc.
  • 😎 Team: Work with a cool, smart, funny, truly diverse (like, for real) team


  • The Profile – Responsive: Highly responsive on email, Slack, Asana, etc. (but also sets clear work-hour boundaries and sticks to them)
  • Bias toward action: Is a doer (we love theory and strategy, but what we really need is someone that will get right in the weeds of execution and – excuse our French – get shit done)
  • Well-organised: Strong organisational and multitasking skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously. Flexible multitasker who prioritises their time efficiently
  • Gets content & digital marketing: In-depth understanding of digital marketing concepts, strategies, and tactics, with knowledge of content marketing, SEO, social media, and other digital channels
  • Data-informed: Ability to analyse data and performance metrics to derive insights and make data-driven decisions. – NB: A big lift for us right now is strengthening our reporting to clients and infusing data into our strategies at a much deeper level
  • Excellent project management: Proficient in project management tools and software, with experience in using project management methodologies. Proven project management skills with the ability to prioritise, organise your own time and consistently meet internal and external deadlines
  • Able to work well remotely (it’s honestly not for everyone) and as part of a team: Self-motivated, results-oriented, and able to work independently as well as in a team environment. Enjoys the autonomy that we encourage. Proactive, organised, and keen to find solutions. Strategic, persistent, takes initiative
  • Solves problems creatively: Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to think critically and find creative solutions to complex challenges. Genuinely creative and overflowing with ideas. Constantly identifying opportunities for thoughtful problem-solving
  • Strong on comms: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to build and maintain relationships with clients, team members, and stakeholders. Effective communicator and a delightful collaborator. Diplomatic, with great interpersonal skills & enthusiasm
  • A client charmer and wrangler: Proven track record of successfully managing client engagements, meeting or exceeding client expectations, and achieving client success
  • Growth mindset: A willingness to learn and grow in the role, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Keen to grow an agency: A level of excitement about the work of growing a creative agency
  • A talented writer: Strong writing skills — we honestly don’t have time to edit your copy and being such a client-facing role, your writing has to be pristine
  • Believes Black Lives Matter ✊🏿

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Literal Humans

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