Back End Developer

Draw is looking for a Back End Developer to join their office in London.

Employer: Draw

Location: London / UK

Position: Back End Developer


We’re a digital agency that believes in making things better. We help fans around the world explore their love of music. We help lawyers in London beat news outlets to the punch. We help consultants in New York find the next generation of game changers. We help charities in Africa better communicate how they’re saving children from disease. Everything we do – from building websites to enhancing customer relationships – is driven by a rigorous strategic approach based on our client’s core business goals. We focus on outcomes, not outputs.


As a Back End Developer you will be responsible for:

• Designing and developing technical solutions for our clients, across a range of sectors and
• Providing assistance to generate quotes and other project documentation for our clients
• Utilising the latest technologies to keep our clients up to date with the rapidly moving
technology landscape
• Collaborating with the rest of the technical team to ensure we have appropriate process and
• Assisting and advising the senior members in setting standards and approaches across the
Back End team


The successful candidate would have demonstrable commercial experience with many of the
following technologies:

• .NET (essential)
• Sitecore (essential)
• Helix (essential)
• xUnit
• Unicorn
• Fortis
• Sitecore PAAS
• Solr
• CI / Octopus

Required skills & attitudes – agency wide:

Taking​ ​initiatives​ – The digital industry is far from mature and advances at a considerable pace. Sowe must continually reinvent ourselves in order to maintain relevance to our customers – to do that Draw wants to benefit from your ideas and initiatives, to make the company perform better.

Autonomy​ – Whilst the company is supportive and nurturing it is also composed of people who aren’t afraid of autonomy. You will often act for the firm and take decisions on its behalf – and we encourage you to do so.

Gravitas​ ​- You will be working with senior clients so you need to earn their trust and respect whilst reflecting the values of the agency.

No​ ​Ego​ – While UX is at the forefront of the agency’s solution delivery, getting the job done is a team effort and we all work together to bring out the best in each other.

Approachability​ – You need to be open and approachable so that members of the team feel they can come to you for advice and ideas.

A​ ​radiator,​ ​not​ ​a​ ​drain​ – You need to transmit enthusiasm, confidence and energy to the team and clients. It will buoy the team on a grey day, and ensure our clients never forget our enthusiasm for helping drive their success.

Sense​ ​of​ ​humour​ – Yes please.

People​ ​who​ ​thrive​ ​at​ ​draw​ are typically reliable self-starters who are both creatively talented and technically skilled. They are communicative, personable and switched on and pragmatic enough to be able to work with incomplete data in fast moving situations. The very best can demonstrate that they understand complexity by presenting that information back in straightforward terms.

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Draw helps their clients transform their businesses through the strategic application of data, insight, creativity and technology.


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