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JCDecaux “Digital Citylight” 24 Hour Responsive Campaign

Worlds largest out of home advertising company, JCDecaux, launches its premium “Digital Citylight” screen roll-out in Sydney with 24 hour responsive campaign.

You can take a walk through Martin Place and some of the high pedestrian thoroughfares and precincts of Sydney’s CBD today to experience JCDecaux’s 84 inch Ultra HD Digital Citylight screens. This is phase one of a much wider scale transformation, with the company unveiling roll-out plans for over 100 panels in Sydney’s CBD and beyond.

Digital Citylights panels pull in and integrate data – like temperature, tweets, Facebook likes, sports scores, pollen counts, current events and pricing – to ads in real-time. Then they serve the ads to the right people, at the right time.

JCDecaux’s in-house team worked with Alphabet Studio – a creative studio, based in Sydney and London – to tell a 24 hour story on 25 digital panels in Sydney, with a new image displayed every 10 seconds.

The story of a day in the life of a Sydneysider is being told in more than 5,700 unique images.

Essie Wake, Marketing Director of JCDecaux commented:

It’s literally a 24 hour responsive content campaign. As Sydneysiders woke on Monday to see the first of our screens ‘switched on’, the network connects to a live data feed and a 24 hour clock begins ticking. The changing time of day then prompts a new image to display every ten seconds. So, as we become part of the City’s day, for 24 hours we told a familiar story – the day in the life of our audience. It was our way of saying ‘Hello Sydney’.

Alphabet Studio art director, Paul Clark, tells how A Day in the Life of Sydney was created:

The creative is essentially a 24hour stop motion animation, reflecting (as closely as possible) in real time the roll out of a typical day.

By developing a character who actually lives in the JCDecaux Citylight network we had the opportunity to flex a bunch of creative muscles. Sydney gets to share the journey of his day – up close and personal. We watch him shave. He takes us to work on his bike. As the day comes to an end, he invites us on a date and we go dancing before retiring to bed for a dream filled evening.

JCDecaux is hoping that advertisers will start to explore and push new creative opportunities.

‘Dynamic by Default’ is their goal, and with the network underpinned by rich audience and location intelligence as well as next-level content management software, the scope for smarter geo-targeted, responsive integration within campaigns is enormous.

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