Jaymin Bhuptani, Uplers CEO on ‘How to Lead a Remote Team of 500+ People’

Jaymin Bhuptani, CEO of Uplers, shares the challenges of managing his team of 500+ people.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, organizations around the world are increasingly turning to adopt fluidity in their approach to keep business operations intact and ensure that they run smoothly. With the benefit usually reserved for C-level suite executives in the pre-pandemic era, remote work has quickly become a requirement across businesses, evident from 88% of them adopting the work from home policy.

Ever since the imposition of lockdown measures in March, Uplers, too, like most other businesses, turned to remote work temporarily. While it represented a huge change, after viewing an exponential rise in productivity and a boosted collective spirit of the workforce, Uplers decided to stick to the remote work policy – permanently.

Speaking about the challenges of managing his team remotely and how the adversities caused by the pandemic brought his organization even closer together, Jaymin Bhuptani, CEO of Uplers, was quoted as saying:

Remote work is not your typical run-of-the-mill business situation. It represents a brand new way of operating cohesively and can be a grueling adjustment for both employers and employees to make. However, a smart and organized operational structure, coupled with the provision of the necessary tools, can empower employees immensely, ease their overall transition, and help them come out of it stronger when situations improve.

Providing guidelines on its remote work policy, the CEO spoke at length about it and the practices that made it such a success. While the overhaul required wasn’t as drastic because of Uplers’ familiarity with working remotely, it still required setting up a proper operational structure to ensure seamless handover of work.

Excerpts from the CEO’s speech showed how Uplers’ massive remote work success was built on its prudent use of communication and project management tools. Utilizing them effectively, Uplers organized a structure and created consolidated work calendars that comprised daily meetings to gain timely status updates of projects. This was also followed by regular back-and-forth through timely engagement and feedback provision to ensure that all employees were on the same page.

Additionally, Uplers also facilitated the availability of suitable project management tools and, through their integration, made it easy for employees to go through exclusive dashboards of ongoing tasks and projects. Also taking operational leeway in mind, Uplers laid down suitable covenants that allowed its employees complete ownership and freedom of their work, promising them zero micromanagement so that they could turn in work free of interference. Lastly, Uplers put an appreciation policy in place, along with creating a small window for team building activities to maintain the camaraderie between team members.

This practice has helped Uplers boost its productivity, all the while finding improved trust and integrity among departments and on an enterprise-wide scale. It has also fortified Uplers’ desire to continue with the remote work policy indefinitely. As the world responds to the outbreak, Uplers’ thoughts are with the businesses severely affected because of it, and hopes to serve as an inspiration to them and show that that they can trump adversities through the combination of innovation, processes, and people.

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