Jaguar Has Collaborated With Dua Lipa And Remixed A Song With An I-Pace

Jaguar has collaborated with the British singer Dua Lipa to promote their Pace range that will let fans remix their very own versions of the singer’s track according to their driving habits!


Called “Dua Lipa x Jaguar”, the collaboration lets everyone to create a personalised remix of the singer’s exclusive track “Want To”. The campaign is led by many agencies which are the London agency, The Brooklyn Brothers together with Imagination, Spark44 and Dentsu X. Using custom-build software from Jaguar, a bespoke app will let fans use their Spotify streams to create their own personalized track.

With the help of the software, more than a million different remixes are possible in different tunes, and styles including drum and bass, hip-hop, and orchestral. The user data can also be sourced from the way people drive, from data captured by the Jaguar Pace vehicles.

The campaign will be rolled in more than 15 markets including France, Germany, Benelux, Italy and Spain. By promoting Jaguar’s SUV models that are the E- Pace, F-Pace and all-electric I-Pace, they all target a younger, more progressive audience, according to a statement by Carsten Balmes, Director of European Marketing.


Jaguar’s Music Production Partner, Ben Sumner said,

It works like a combination lock: there are five sections of every track, like five reels of a lock. The data from different parts of driver’s journeys selects the mood and style in a number of different ways; effectively turning every reel, to select a different combination.

The software seamlessly blends the music together so it works as one cohesive remix. Each reel has hundreds of different possible audio stems, so there is the potential for millions of versions of the track.

Dua Lipa also commented about the collaboration,

I love to push boundaries with my music and my performances and this partnership is going to take things to an exciting new level. It’s a hi-tech project combining music and Jaguar technology, and I know my fans are going to love what we are creating together. All will be revealed on September 3 in Amsterdam.

I’m so excited that my first car is going to be the I-Pace and to be trailblazing for the new electric generation.

Dua Lipa also rolled out a promotional video for the project -above- which appeared to highlight the psychedelic and futuristic light trails that are all around her while she performs.

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