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Introducing The World’s ‘Most Instagrammable Billboard’

One of Zaha Hadid’s latest projects can be a spectacular billboard design of the future, located on the Sunset Boulevard, California.

The project is intended to illustrate the evolution of outdoor advertising and motivate the advertisers to promote in the new era. Creative display and design of the billboards are described as Sunset spectacular project, and titled as “The Belltower Project.”

Tom Wiscombe’s proposal for digital, two-sided and vertically aligned billboards that allow people to walk inside of them, injects new life and break the rules of car-centric yet bringing more public space.

The West Hollywood City Council will be asked to endorse the selection of “The Belltower” as a pilot digital project on Sunset Strip. One of its creators thinks that it will become “the most Instagrammable billboard in the world”.

The Belltower would allow live event streaming and video advertising for visitors.

According to Tom Wiscombe Projects,

The Belltower expresses the contemporary transition from an era of centrally-controlled media empires to a time of great diversity in marketing strategies and stakeholders. It speaks to a world where commercial and cultural content can be hybridized, and media is no longer a just a way of advertising but a way of life.


Zaha Hadid, who is one of the most famous woman architects in the world, MAK Center and Gensler chose the proposed billboards. Billboards will be placed in public plazas along West Hollywood’s section of Sunset Boulevard.


Outdoor and landmark advertising giant, Orange Barrel Media reports to guarantee that if the billboard design will approve,  $4.5 million in advertising revenue will be provided over the next five years.

As social media has become integrated into our daily lives, even billboards will become more technological from now on.

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