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Introducing AndCo: A Brand New Way To Freelance In London

A few months ago, Crowdform joined forces with AndCo to build a new way to freelance in London.

Starting with little more than the founders’ vision, they’ve built out a platform to browse, book and pay for flexible workspaces across the capital.

Crowdform‘s teams prototyped, designed and built the product across multiple iterations, taking the project from an idea to a fully fledged platform.

From day one the agency’s approach was to internalise the goals of the project and take an active role in the strategy of the business, beyond just the technology itself. Alongside the build of the product, they’ve helped craft the pricing model, visual identity and growth strategy.

Their goal has been to create a truly coherent customer experience that allows people to do great work in amazing spaces – without having to think twice about booking them.

Crowdform is proud of the result, and can’t wait for the first non-beta users to get their hands on it.


So what is AndCo? With remote working growing across the capital, AndCo is a single membership to workspaces across London.

The way we work is changing. It is estimated that by 2027, the majority of the workforce will be freelance, and that most university leavers will go straight to freelancing.

With an estimated 3.6 million Londoners already identifying as freelance and the cost of living in the capital city ranked 3rd in Europe, AndCo fills a genuine gap in the market for local, flexible and affordable coworking space.

A competitor to the likes of WeWork, Hubble et al, AndCo is built on a rather different (and significantly more affordable) offering.


AndCo takes a brand new approach to coworking. Rather than having their own spaces, AndCo offers space that is currently under-utilised. London’s nicest pubs, bars and cafés are often completely dead in the daytime; cue AndCo installing their super-fast and secure WiFi into all their partner venues.

There’s no promise of ‘free beer on a Friday’, no unlimited printing (in fact no printing at all), just genuinely nice, local spaces that are barely used in the daytime.

Members pay just £20 per month for unlimited access to all AndCo spaces, all booked and managed in a handy dashboard. There’s also the option to turn your profile on or off and see who’s working in the same space as you, helping you to find the perfect collaborator (or your next gig).

Launch partners include Londrino (London Bridge), Andina (Shoreditch), Beaufort House (Kings Road) and Olive and Squash (Monument), with new spaces being added all over London on a regular basis.

Here you can find out more at www.andco.life.

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