International Women’s Day Tribute: Highlighting The Role of Women in Digital Marketing Industry

This year, DAN Global is calling its members to celebrate International Women’s Day!

In this brilliant month, the entire world is joining hands to celebrate women in joyful and remarkable ways. As some of the strongest feminist movements have taken place in the previous years, today more than ever, celebrating women’s success and achievements has become much more significant.

Therefore, we asked our member agencies to make the day more memorable together and create a mutual project. Women of digital marketing industry share their thoughts about their own companies and the placement in the industry.

In addition to their thoughts on where women stand in the digital era and the ways in which we can empower them in digital marketing industry, they have also highlighted how they, as a team, are encouraging women in their agency.

Based in Milan, 150UP is an award-winning creative agency and serves their clients brand strategy, design, content and more. As a referral from their self-introduction, Republic of Ideas, 150UP is a studio that blends new technologies with conventional methods such as graphic design, corporate identity and video production. Based in the fact that they have a deep knowledge about the women-developing world, their clients are also based on fashion industry such as Sergio Rossi, Fay, Hogan and more, women of 150UP have a few words to comment about the female empowerment in digital marketing and media.


We are happy and proud to say that half of 150UP is composed by women – and each and every one of them bring her own personal contribution to our work, our approach, our way of seeing the world. We strongly believe that all women shall have the opportunity to develop their skills and to become the sort of professionals they wish to.

An innovative digital branding and marketing agency Antisocial Solutions works with companies to expand their presence worldwide. With their joyous and amazing photo, they’re stating that the digital world needs women, and will continue to need them more.


AntiSocial Solutions encourages and empowers the women we work with by offering wage equity to combat the gender wage gap and equal job opportunities. We value each of our female employees — they lead campaigns, ideate brilliant concepts, and bring a work ethic to our team that our company could not exist without. The women in our office are creative forces who lead in our industry.

Today, while women are still underrepresented in certain areas of the digital world, we believe that digital industries could not exist without the intelligence and fortitude that comes from the females within it.

It’s essential that right now, at this moment, we collectively take a stand to support and empower women within the workforce. Together, we can build an inclusive digital world.

With a team of over 1,000 people, DEPT is sure to believe in gender-equality and the proof is in their groundbreaking ideas and projects. DEPT is one of our member agencies which unites creativity, technology and data to help clients reinvent and accelerate their digital reality. They’re truly excited by the opportunity to join forces and grow beyond their agency’s limits and country’s borders.


Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke, Marketing Director UK & US, shared,

With the rise of new industries, disruptors, start-ups and young entrepreneurs, the tide is shifting. Yes, gender equality varies hugely by sector and, yes, there’s still a long way to go in getting women into the senior positions they genuinely deserve, but we are heading in the right direction. It’s important for women in senior positions to dispel the fear around glass ceilings. If enough of us break through, there’s a path for other women to follow.

You can’t expect to change learned behaviours and dated mindsets overnight, but I hope that in five years’ time we don’t just see women in senior positions to hit a Government quota, or every awards ceremony being used as a platform for protest, or every advertising campaign including an empowering hashtag. I want to see genuine credit where it’s due, a rise in the number of female CEOs, and world leaders that lead by example…

A digital-first agency with roots in the written word, KPS3 is delivering purposeful marketing, branding and public relations focused on moving companies toward universal. With their crowded-team of women, they also added their own comments about the topic as well.


As a female-founded, full-service digital and communications agency, KPS3 is proud to share that over 60 percent of its team is female. With titles ranging from creative director to digital project manager, smart, talented, passionate women occupy some of our company’s most important roles—and we couldn’t provide clients the high-level work we’re committed to creating without them.

Women at KPS3 are also endlessly active in our local community and volunteer their time on boards like The University of Nevada Foundation, various marketing and public relations organizations and the Nevada Women’s Fund. Our founder, Stephanie Kruse, regularly donates time and services to enhance our community and industry.

Perfect Search Media is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Chicago. They are experts in Search and Social Media Advertising, SEO, Design, & Content. They are also proud of their female-driven projects, events and organizations.


At Perfect Search, diversity in hiring and in our team is very important to us. We’re proud to share that our staff is 50% female and 33% of our board of advisors is female. Perfect Search is also dedicated to supporting team members who want to join female-driven networking organizations and mentorship programs.

For example, Manager of SEO & Content Stephanie Castillo is a member of She Runs It, a networking organization for women in marketing. Stephanie also takes advantage of the She Runs It mentorship program.

Pound & Grain is a digital agency in Toronto and Vancouver. The Pound is big-picture creative and strategic ideas. The Grain connects audiences that drive results. They’re passionate about the endless opportunities that digital world offers brands today. So, Ivana, Copywriter is pointing the opportunities and gender equality from her own aspect.

Ivana Atlija said:

I am proud to work for a company where all voices are heard and respected. Pound & Grain promotes an inclusive environment where all women, at all levels, are given the same opportunities to grow their skillset and thrive. Having female representation across our leadership roles is also very important to us.

Not only is having a diverse senior team essential for valuable discourse with different perspectives, but it gives junior team members such as myself someone to look up to. We also make it a priority to offer opportunities for our female team members to connect with each other and others in the industry, whether it’s networking events, conferences, or social nights just for the girls.

We can empower women in digital by providing more opportunities to network with and hear from other women in the industry. When I attend conferences, I’m almost always drawn to the sessions featuring female speakers. As a junior, it’s empowering to hear from successful women who, at one point, were in a junior position just like me. That being said, while listening to and being inspired by talented women speaking on stage is great, working at a place where you can actually talk to, learn from, and connect with another woman in a leadership role is even better.

Gone are the days of all-male software and dev teams. Diverse workforces are essential for allowing different perspectives to come into play to strengthen problem solving and support creative thinking. It is also incredibly important to have female representation in senior positions to show the next generation of young female thought leaders and innovators that they, too, can thrive in digital.

seoplus+ is a digital marketing agency serving clients globally. They help their clients across a multitude of verticals with the goal of generating leads and sales. As the team’s Content Marketing Coordinator, Sonya told her inspiring story as below.


Sonya Gankina commented,

seoplus+ took a chance on me and took me in as a second-year university student who was looking for work experience in her field. From my very first day, the team accepted me (and all other new hires) with a warm welcome and made me feel so comfortable, whether through including me in social activities or simply asking me how my day was going. Since then, I’ve changed my role twice.

The first time, I wanted to learn a different skill in the digital marketing industry and my request to do so was immediately accepted. The second time, the management team asked me if I wanted to take on a new role. Having struggled with impostor syndrome, I did not suggest myself for the role, as I wasn’t sure that I would be a good fit. But my managers had so much faith in me – so much optimism, in fact, that I started to believe in myself more.

seoplus+ has always believed in me and for that, I am grateful. Everyone here gets rewarded for good work, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. It should be commonplace everywhere, but unfortunately, it is not yet. I am happy to work in a place that sees the value in students, women and young people.

WEBITMD is a full-funnel Growth Marketing Agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City & Dallas. Their mission is to help their clients and their communities to thrive by developing and executing innovative growth marketing campaigns. WEBITMD is a team, believing that diversity is very important and may be the most important value to bring out creativity.

Jen Saunders, Director of SEO & Content Strategy, shared:

In speaking of WEBITMD, I can say that my agency provides an amazing culture that is warm and welcoming to ALL people. In fact, the WEBITMD team is made up of men, women, trans gender, gay, and straight. Our team also has a wide mix of people with various political and cultural differences.

One of the things I love about WEBITMD is that it’s a company where gay, straight, men and women, trans, Jewish, Christian and atheist team members work together like a family to provide great results for our clients, while celebrating one another’s differences. When you have a mixed bag like this, the creativity is off the hook!

DAN Global is very proud to recall and remark the importance of International Women’s Day and make the day memorable. So, shout out to all women who inspire the digital world!

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