Interactive Marketing As A Way To Increase Interest To Your Business Website

Traditional marketing is based on a one-way approach: marketers come up with an idea for an app, find space for it, and wait for the results.

This method has been working well for many years. However, traditional approaches quickly become obsolete because technologies change the world we’re living in. For instance, the internet has changed marketing forever.

Now, when people need to buy a product or service, they are most likely to do it online. Every second, Google processes about 38,000 search queries.

Online presence becomes crucial for the success of any business, and it’s not enough to just create a website — you should also make sure that your target audience will actually find it and use it. You need to be different from competitors, to increase brand awareness, and to nurture loyal customers so that your profits will grow. That’s exactly what interactive marketing was created for.

Interactive Marketing: What Is It?

Just like outbound marketing, interactive marketing is aimed to make your business grow. It’s based on creating a dialogue between your brand and your potential customers by using various types of dynamic content. There are many types of interactive marketing that have the same goal: you should make your content relevant and engaging so that potential customers will want to interact with it. Here are the four main types of interactive content.

Personalized content

Advanced technologies allow you to learn a lot about your customers. You can analyze their geographic data, demographics, lifecycle, etc. When you know your customers well, you can tailor your content to their needs and preferences, providing a more meaningful experience. If your business operates in different countries, we also recommend that you use a localization service, such as The Word Point.

Interactive storytelling

Marketers can create dynamic content, improving their storytelling approaches. For example, you can add elements of mixed media to your blog posts, using infographics, videos, or animations. Such interactive components will make your audience more likely to share your content with their friends on social media.

Layered information

It’s always good to educate your customers, and interactive marketing offers you many opportunities to do it in the most engaging way possible. You can inform your visitors in an easy-to-read way, giving them quick summaries or short pieces of information and then delivering more detailed content to those members of your audience who want to know more.

Two-way interaction

Two-way interaction means that your consumers get an opportunity to participate in your marketing efforts actively. For example, you can use various online quizzes, games, or interactive videos to make your audience more engaged and keeping it interested in your product.

Benefits of Interactive Marketing

Increased conversions

As consumers become more sophisticated, basic signup forms, popups, and other overused lead generation techniques keep losing their effectiveness. However, many of your competitors are still using these outdated methods, so you have a chance to stand out.

Interactive marketing is very engaging. When your audience is interested in your marketing content, you will get more conversions just because your audience will pay more attention to your brand and therefore choose you over other brands in your niche. Besides, personalized content allows you to lead your potential customers through every stage of the sales cycle.

User engagement

Interactive marketing allows you to provide a more memorable user experience. For example, instead of providing textual content only, you can engage multiple senses at once, combining different types of content. In addition, you can use various buttons and forms, motivating your audience to take action. Your potential customers can answer questions and get a personalized experience.

A great way to add an element of interaction is using chatbots. If people who visit your website have any questions, you can answer them in a conversational manner with no need to hire more employees and train them.



Interactive marketing also offers you countless opportunities to optimize your content for social media and to encourage your audience to share it. You can offer rewards so that people will want to share your content. Not only will this approach help you generate more leads, but it will also create a gamification element, making your content even more engaging.

Interactive content has a bigger potential to become viral because it’s more shareable. Create a giveaway campaign or contest, and people will spread the word about your brand with no need for you to pay for ads.

Qualified lead generation

Usually, qualifying leads is a time-consuming task that requires you to take into account many different factors. However, interactive marketing allows you to use polls and contests to select high-quality leads while also entertaining your audience quickly. An interactive experience won’t let your audience get bored, so you will be able to ask more questions, keeping them engaged and learning more about them. The main thing is to add questions to their interactive journey organically.



Polls and surveys also allow you to get actionable insights into your customers’ experience by asking them for feedback. You can get their feedback in real-time, providing polls right after they make a purchase, click on some of your products, or leave your website. Customers’ feedback will help you understand what you need to improve and what customers like about your products or services. Timely surveys can also provide you with testimonials, which are especially important because many people make purchasing decisions based on other people’s reviews.

Wrapping Up

As technologies evolve, consumers’ expectations change. Businesses have to build a strong and consistent online presence, making sure that their websites will have good rankings in search engines so that people can actually find them. The best way to attract more visitors to your website is to offer high-quality content.

Of course, static content is necessary and you shouldn’t get rid of it completely. However, if you add interactive content to your website, you will offer a more engaging experience, making your business stand out and adding more value to your marketing materials.


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