Intel And Warner Bros. To Announce Partnership Development In-cabin, Immersive Experiences In Autonomous Cars Of The Future

BMW X5 SUV offers a 270-degree theater view of comic books and videos.

With autonomous cars on their way to continue spreading, companies are starting to think about how they can monetize the spare time and space that a robot in the driver’s seat allows passengers.

Therefore, Intel and Warner Brothers proposed a vision for what that media-transportation fusion might look like at CES. The tech giant outfitted a BMW X5 SUV with a retractable flat-screen and displays built into the two passenger-side windows that offer a 270-degree theater view of Warner Brothers videos and comic books.

The project was explained in 5 basic steps, including the introduction of the future of in-car entertainment, navigating Gotham City with comic book reader, bringing additional safety technologies to life with RSS, previewing movies in the car of tomorrow and helping complete the ride safely and securely.


While the project is currently in its conceptual phase, Intel sees the revamping the space inside of driverless cars as a big market opportunity in the future. The company commissioned a report last year predicting that mainstream adoption of the technology would result in 250 million more hours per year of free commute time that would otherwise be spent driving, creating a $200 billion market of new in-car applications and content.

Marcie Miller, Automotive Strategic Marketing, Intel Corp. says,

The emergence of autonomous vehicles portends a major shift in how people use their time. The concept car shows how cars will become a new kind of ‘space.’

Intel’s demonstration of the concept vehicle took passengers through the entertainment options during a short hypothetical ride-share trip. The ride starts with an identity confirmation through a generic ride-share app, which prompts a welcome message to appear across the display in the side window.

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