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Integrated 2017

Organization:St. Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Location: Antwerp

When: 14/11/2017 – 15/11/2017

Integrated 2017 is a non-commercial conference with a strongly ethical/artistic emphasis. It offers a platform for the fascinating relationship between art, design and society. Speakers compare ideas, sources of inspiration and methods, leaving attendees with a strange sense of ‘pleasant indigestion’.

Integrated 2017 speakers always make up a colourful mosaic of well-established values and up-and-coming talent.

In ever-changing formats of talks, presentations, performances and projects in the margins they ensure a lively and surprising programme, with lots of humour and activism but never just mainstream.


The activism doesn’t have to take place on a political level exclusively.

New tools and services are being developed, and from a commercial perspective too people are increasingly seeking the limits of the civil domain.

Integrated wants to stimulate new thought patterns from a committed standpoint. It is optimistic too. Because tomorrow’s world is in urgent need of change.

integrated-2017-1Photo credit: © Nadya Tolokonnikova – Make America Great Again

There is just one programme. Integrated 2017 doesn’t do parallel sessions. It all takes place in the Blue Hall.

That generates a unique flow. Every day there are eight main talks lasting 40 minutes each on the programme. This all follows a particular rhythm whereby philosophers, graphic designers, artists, illustrators and architects alternate with one another.

Integrated 2017 wishes to explore and shed light on the dynamics of this border area. Because citizen initiatives not only make abundant use of design and artistic strategies as well as technology to boost their ideas, but they are also often initiated by designers, artists and architects.

The event is hosted by 5 MCs, all lecturers at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.

For tickets and event details visit event website.

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