Instagram Success Reports -What Your Clients Want To See

If you are caught reading this article, then congratulations! You are probably one of ever-worrying thousands of marketers who always contemplate whether they are providing the best service to their clients. Most importantly – can further improvements be made?

It’s no novelty that our daily tasks are more often than not, split between the fun part – Instagram optimization and content creation – and the not so fun part – good client reporting.

But is it all just the numbers game? Can there be something beyond? Let us cover how your reports can offer more intrinsic value to your clients, and how those can further strengthen relationships!

What business are looking to gain from Instagram

More and more businesses are considering implementing Instagram as part of their overall social media strategy. By adhering to Instagram’s main features, they are able to use visual aesthetics, to communicate their brand value, which definitely has a higher impact, as numbers of visual learners are steadily growing.


Instagram is an excellent avenue for brands to extract customer data as well as ensure that their brand’s image is communicated effectively. Users online behavior towards a brand is often the strongest denominator of assessing how their brand is perceived both online and offline.

While this is easy to establish by just looking at metrics, marketers need to retrieve such data and be able to provide an in-depth analysis for their clients.

The current marketplace for Instagram analytics tools is more than sufficient. Platforms are equipped to offer users integrated automated services, AI reporting, rich account data, or high-quality visual interpretations.

But, how does one leverage all of these services to provide more intrinsic value for your client and establish a long-lasting work relationship?

Accurate reporting

Your clients don’t want to see reports which provide a lot of data but don’t resolve their problems. You should already know what your client’s goals are so you can compile reports that contain the right statistics.

Do they want to increase their post likes by 5%? Then it’s important to highlight the right statistics that showcase how you work towards reaching their goal. Your story can show a comparison between the current and the previous month’s progress and how engagement has evolved since.

You can easily create an overview of posts statistics from within analytics tools. Within your report include statistics such as the type of content and the hashtags used to show what are the ideal characteristics needed for a post to have higher engagement.

When creating and sending client reports, always remember to consider their Instagram marketing goals to ensure that your reports convert well, so they can understand the value of their investment.

Report frequency

Each client is different. We all work in specific (individual) ways, and the same goes for the clients. Sometimes they want reports to be delivered based on how their company assesses their growth. It can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually.

Monthly Instagram reports can be considered an industry norm. These show all statistics and can provide a good overview of where the client’s account is heading. Some Instagram analytics tools, allow you to send daily, weekly, or monthly automated reports so you can satisfy specific client needs.

With weekly or daily reporting, your clients can use a smaller sample size to assess their Instagram growth and allows them to take action quicker. Besides the fact that clients can increase their ROI by taking action based on account statistics, they are offered a service with a unique selling point that will meet their company needs.

Sending bespoke reports for statistics in a smaller or larger interval should be a service you need to consider. Not only are you offering extra value to your clients, but the time required to generate these reports will be insignificant due to the ability to automate this entire process.

Show brand value

We know, Instagram report automation makes your life easier. It makes Instagram marketing more efficient as you have time to focus on your client’s goals, rather than spending time creating countless reports or even worse, using competitor templates for your own brand.

More often than not, client report automation is available via Instagram analytics services that allow reports to be delivered via an in-house platform or downloadable branded PDF files.

The main issue with watermarked platform Instagram reports is that these reports will not have a similar impact on your client as they do not have the contractors logo or brand. Additionally, directing users to a URL other than your own can see you losing clients as the majority of analytics platforms also offer direct Instagram marketing services.

Whether you are sending PDF reports or redirecting clients a live insights dashboard, you must make sure that in all your client communication, your brand is present. You need to assess whether you want to risk unbranded Instagram reports or you spend time creating reports yourself and mitigate the risk of losing your clients trust.


Branded reports may boost trust

Luckily, there are certain Instagram analytics tools that offer a report delivery service that allows you to brand your reports. You can go a step further and provide brand-named insights through your agencies website.

Your clients can have access to live insights through IGBlade that allows unique domain customization. As each client is unique in their preferences, it is essential that you have more options for delivering data to your clients.

Know what data to use

Data is vital for marketers, especially when working with Instagram, where numerical data offers the most. Creating useful reports from data, that provide real value to your clients is much more than adding raw numbers.

Quality reports that communicate effectively with your clients have an even balance of graphs, account achievements, and quantitative data of account statistics – all of the things your clients will be looking to track their growth.

To achieve successful client communication and ensure that clients give meaning to your data, you need to use the right tool that covers as much account insights as possible. User engagement, followers growth, ‘like’ count are all basic statistics that can be provided by any tool, and you will benefit if your reports can mirror the effects your strategies have on their accounts.

Displaying a possible growth scenario for your account and achieving it through your Instagram strategy (because you did not have to focus on creating reports, and you just automated the entire process) offers extreme client satisfaction. Always remember to predict an outcome in your report based on your data and then work towards reaching your goal.

Instagram ROI reports are a reflection of your professionalism. A visually rich report will help your client navigate with ease through the content, and quality data representations will help them understand how you are helping them reach their goals.

Having branded reports that are easy to follow can offer new opportunities for attaining new clients based on the quality of your reports. They pose an excellent prospect to provide more value to your users and increase the client satisfaction level. Think of the reports you are producing as a window opening into your business practice!

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