INFO Repositions As Business Innovation Partner And Enters Advisory

One month after launching its new positioning and brand, Dutch business innovation partner INFO has made a foray into the consulting space.

The agency launched around 25 years ago under the brand, back then operating as one of the pioneers in the Dutch internet agency landscape. Since then, the company has seen its client propositions and portfolio grow, spurring the firm’s management to refine the firm’s strategic focus.

Remmert Stipdonk, INFO’s Chief Executive explained,

Our clients are increasingly asking us to provide them with an integral innovation solution to their complex challenges, from business and service design through to digital execution. The advisory proposition comes natural to us and blends into our portfolio.

We have helped numerous clients develop and grow their businesses over the years. This included providing advice to boardroom members on strengthening their business evolution goals through to topics such as strategic innovation, business and product/service design.

The firm traditionally provides a range of design propositions (service, technical and collaboration design) and delivery offerings (technical roadmap, software, mobile and app development, digital solutions, managed services). Under the newly launched positioning, INFO has added an advisory arm, unveiled to the wider audience last week. Yet, while the consultancy proposition has now been formalised, it is by no means a new activity for INFO, explained Michel la Pierre, the firm’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Across the board, the firm’s project portfolio spans over more than 1,000 projects for 250+ clients such as the Adyen, Bank of Scotland, Graydon, Greenwheels, NS and Voetbal International, with dozens of clients having received some form of consultancy expertise.


The firm’s advisory arm will focus on “helping clients realise their innovation ambitions, translating those into business design and roadmaps specifically tailored to the current markets and the needs of the organisation.”

La Pierre commented,

Among the advisory propositions provided initially is a Business Innovation Maturity Scan, which helps clients gain insights in order to define a “winning innovation vision & strategic roadmap. This is then translated into a transfer plan, which consequently provides direction from our advisory to strategy proposition. This way our clients experience a smooth transition from business innovation design to people centric product and service design.

To bring the new wing up to speed, the growing studio, which counts roughly 90 professionals, has brought together the minds of a team of INFO advisors with considerable advisory experience under their belt.

Pierre also added,

We are going to invest heavily in the proposition in the coming period, including recruiting and partnering with a number of senior business innovation advisors.

Strategic impact

By adding advisory to its suite of services, La Pierre highlighted the firm will be able to make a stronger “strategic impact – improving our client’s business innovation maturity level and speed, helping them digitally advance in a disrupting world.

Stipdonk added;

We can now support companies with their full innovation trajectory, from preliminary strategic advice to tangible products and services.”

Operating in an increasingly competitive market – the lines between agency (studio) and consulting work are blurring, with players from both sides of the spectrum investing heavily in capabilities to capitalise on the growing segment – La Pierre said that he believes INFO is primed to establish a unique position among the leading consultancies in the field.

Our clients benefit from a ‘first time right’ approach and integrated go to market (digital) pilots, MVP’s and solutions. Further; just like with our digital transformation propositions that grew over the last 25 years, we have a clear vision on how we see our advisory proposition for clients in the evolving era of (digital) innovation. One of these changing elements is the need to not just deliver plans, but also be able to provide tangible and concrete strategic advice, translated into winning products and services that deliver on the promise.

We have progressively grown into the advisory domain. With our experience, we believe we have the knowledge and creativity to make a lasting impact.

About INFO

As a Digital Innovation Partner, INFO is dedicated to help clients to define their innovation roadmap and design and develop go-to-market digital products and services.

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