Influencer Marketing Awards 2020

Influencer Marketing Awards 2020, organized by PerformanceIN, will take place on the 3rd of September at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane in London.

Influencer Marketing Awards 2020 is a show dedicated to the intersect of performance and influencer marketing. It helps to bring stakeholders together and tackle them head-on.

The mission of Influencer Marketing Awards 2020 (IMAs) is to place a spotlight on the very best influencer marketing campaigns designed and developed by the brand or client in mind which are smartly executed, creative and innovative with clear transparent KPIs and objectives.

With 28 categories covering a broad range of influencer marketing areas, the awards are judged by an experienced independent panel comprising of the best and brightest from across the globe to discuss and debate each category, awarding Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Award categories:

• Vertical Awards
• TecHnology Awards
• Campaign & Tecniques
• People & Agency Awards
• Grand Prix

Entries are open to anyone in the influencer marketing/content ecosystem. It includes agencies, brands (advertisers), publishers, influencers, content creators, technology companies etc. Experienced influencer marketing practitioners from around the globe will discuss each category.

Experts will tackle the most crucial industry developments. They are providing a platform for industry advancement through open discussion around all facets of paid-by-performance advertising.

Influencer Marketing Awards 2020 is organized by PerformanceIN which is the leading global performance marketing publication, shedding light on the most important matters around the measurable side of marketing.

Matthew Wood, Founder at PerformanceIN, said that;

The IMA’s seek to reward and recognize brilliant campaigns, delivered creatively and transparently – We can’t wait to get started!

PerformanceIN also supports the industry as a media partner, arranges roundtables, webinars and reports to help the sector maintains and grows its position as a top ROI performer.

Check out the Influencer Marketing Awards website to see more information.This event is organized by PerformanceIN on the 3rd of September 2020 in London.