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How To Increase Website Traffic With Twitter

There are some tools and tactics that professional bloggers use to increase their website traffic with Twitter differently from experts.

In many industries, “top players” are getting increasingly active on Twitter which is one of the most popular social networks with 288 million monthly active users. Everyone knows that Twitter can be a huge source of traffic, so people are always eager to learn new strategies and tactics to gain website traffic with Twitter.

It can be useful to see differences how professional bloggers and experts behave on Twitter and what brings them traffic.

Here are the two popular myths about Twitter:

1. “Experts” say: Follow relevant people

It is not always prevailing and valid method for Twitter. Professional bloggers do not behave about following relevant people like experts. There are many bloggers who have few following but have too many followers.

increase website traffic with twitter

2. “Experts” say: Grow your Twitter following

You can do an experiment to see that “grow your Twitter following” offer is an unsuccessful method to gain traffic with Twitter.

Here is the experiment:

Open FollowerWonk and search for people who have “social media expert” in their bio. You will get a list of people ranked by the number of followers they have.

Then open their Twitter profiles and see if they were tweeting any Bit.ly links.

Pick one of them and check their Bit.ly links.

increasing website traffic

About Bit.ly links: users can easily see how many people clicked them by adding “+” at the end of the URL.

You can easily find a lot of links that were clicked less than expected. Which means that “following relevant people” and “growing the number of your followers” can be useless activities on Twitter to gain website traffic.

And here is what actually works:

1. Writing “contagious” articles

There is one simple concept that a lot of bloggers must understand: Bloggers can get traffic from Twitter when other people tweet their articles.

Writing a contagious article that makes people want to tweet it spreading in viral cycles is a useful method to increase website traffic.

twitter traffic contagious article

There are many strategies that can be used to write a contagious article on Twitter. Buzzsumo is easy one of these strategies and simple to use:

Go to Buzzsumo and type any keywords related to your niche. The tool will give you a list of articles ranked by the amount of shares they got.

Use these articles as an inspiration and try to write a better piece on your own blog.

Spend some extra time on research and create custom visuals for your article.

2. Creating “tweetable quotes”

When catchy relevant quotes are used in articles and they are made tweetable, they provide a lot of extra tweets. If you would like to see that smart quotes work or not, just search some quotes you want on Twitter, and you will see the results.

To create “tweetable quotes” on your blog, an online service ClickToTweet or a WordPress plugin that has the same name can be used as free. TweetDis, a plugin that offers more advanced solution, can also be used for tweetable quotes.

3. Reaching out to influencers

Influential people have a huge effect to make tweets extend to their huge audiences. If you want your contagious article to spread, you have to make a few influential people tweet it. When you actually connect with a few key influencers who are the most knowledgeable in their field on Twitter, you will have a greater chance of your content, shares, or brand name going viral, which will cause your business or brand to be perceived as more of an authority in your industry.


To concentrate efforts on writing “tweet worthy” content is more effective rather than trying to get more followers on Twitter. “Engaging in conversations” and “following relevant people” are not the best ways to increase website traffic with Twitter.

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