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The Inbounder World Tour New York 2017

Organization:We Are Marketing

Location:New York


In 2017 The Inbounder ship is not landing, instead it is staying in orbit and travelling to 4 different cities across continents with a series of local conferences in Madrid, London, New York, and Milan.

The World Tour events will last one day in each city, in which different expert speakers will discuss the disciplines of Digital Marketing that prove to be challenges for companies.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about these disciplines, discover new opportunities, and establish new contacts.

New York is the third stop of this journey on the 22nd of May!

Here’s a glimpse of the top speakers at The Inbounder World Tour New York 2017:

● Gianluca Fiorelli, Founder of The Inbounder and Global Associate of Moz
● Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder and Unique Contributor at Moz
● Ricardo Tayar, Founding Partner of Flat 101
● Purna Virji, Senior Bing Ads PPC Training Manager
● Melanie Deziel, Branded Content Consultant, Speaker and Educator
● Mike King, Managing Director at iPullRank
● Lindsay Wassell, CEO & Digital Marketing Consultant at Keyphraseology
● Lexi Mills, Managing Director at Marquis Communications and Consulting VP at Manyminds North America
● Tom Critchlow, Freelance Strategy Consultant and Former PMM Special Projects at Google


The Inbounder is of Digital Marketing conference co-founded by Gianluca Fiorelli, one of the recognised SEO specialists and Digital Marketers in the world, and We Are Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Valencia, Spain, and with offices in Madrid, Milan, Bogota, and Miami.

Visit the website theinbounder.com/world-tour-new-york to find all of the most up-to-date information about the events and buy your ticket.

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