Impression Helped Car Insurance Company Through YouTube Video Advertising Campaigns

Impression partnered with a car insurance company, Marmalade, and helped them to drive 218% increase conversions through multi-layered YouTube video advertising campaigns.

The Client

Marmalade is a car insurance company, aimed at providing young drivers, and their parents, with innovative and practical insurance solutions. They provide a variety of insurance options, including Learner Driver, Black Box, and Named Driver insurance for new or recently passed drivers. Marmalade also employs Impression for digital PR and paid social services – this case study focuses on the video aspect of their paid media strategy.

The Challenge

To achieve higher brand visibility whilst also driving action further down the conversion funnel.

  • Achieve 2,000+ monthly site visits
  • Maximise conversions through remarketing and gain visibility over higher funnel impact on site conversions

The Strategy

Marmalade’s products often attract interest from both young drivers and parents looking for insurance for their children. This has to be considered when targeting users, with the aim to increase brand awareness amongst both demographics and drive action later on. This initial campaign looks at the period of September 2020 compared to June 2020. Results were achieved through:

1. Explicitly separated layers of intent

  • Maximising brand awareness and exposure for cold audiences, utilising 15-second unskippable ads, targeted at detailed demographics (eg. “parents of a teenager”) and custom affinity audiences.
  • Nurturing consideration and driving clicks to the site, utilising skippable 30-second ads, targeted at “similar to” and in-market audiences, as well as life events (eg. “recent high-school graduate”).
  • Capturing high intent audiences through remarketing, and custom intent, again utilising 30-second unskippable ads. The audiences were separated by general brand interest and custom intent (using keywords from the Search campaigns), and specific product interest, utilising relevant remarketing audiences based on a users’ action on site, and video content relevant to the brand or specific product.

2. Relevant bidding strategies for each individual layer and it’s specific KPI

  • Target £2.50 CPM for the top layer, focusing on impressions, achieving 123,000 impressions, from a £20 daily budget.
  • Target £5 CPM focusing on complete views, achieving 76,259 views at a £0.02 CPV.
  • Maximise Conversions for the bottom layer, achieving 305 conversions at a £32 CPA, a strong result for a Video campaign.

3. Consideration of the impact on other channels

  • Implemented view-through conversions within the MCC account, in order to see that the Display and Video campaigns drove a further 1,083 conversions from users who had seen, but not clicked on, a Marmalade ad.
  • Reviewing attribution reports within Google Analytics to understand where Display contributed, but wasn’t attributed the conversion for a further 380 conversions.

The Results

  • 218% more conversions (insurance quotes)
  • 6,196 site visits (209% more than target)
  • 1,463 additional conversions through other channels were directly influenced by this campaign
  • A total CPA of £5.92, 50% lower than the relevant Search campaigns
  • 20.8% increase in average daily new users through Organic compared to period without youtube running (294,417 organic new users 1 Jan – 11 Jun, 243,725 organic new users 12 Jun – 30 Sep)

About Impression

Impression is a multi-award winning digital agency, specialising in the delivery of high performance campaigns across SEO, PPC, analytics and digital PR.