IKEA Offers Virtual Weddings Through Their New Online Wedding Website

The Swedish DIY-furniture manufacturer, IKEA, has launched a service that allows users to hold a virtual wedding online.

IKEA has launched the Wedding Online service, which will enable couples to get married virtually and share their special day with people around the world. The project was created by Swedish agency, Åkestam Holst.

On the project’s website, couples can choose from a variety of backgrounds, including a perfect beach with a light summer breeze, a boat or a magical forest. And they can invite guests through Facebook and let them attend the ceremony virtually using their microphone and webcam.


“Wedding Online” site sticks square pictures of people’s heads onto the bodies in the scene, letting them attend the wedding. This would be especially useful if relatives or friends are spread far and wide and it would be difficult to get them all together in one place to celebrate a marriage.

As well as the ceremony itself, the site has locations and set-ups that allow for speeches after the wedding.
The only caveat to online weddings is that for your marriage to be legally binding, the couple needs to be in the same room as the officiant and at least two witnesses. Ikea noted that anyone can use the service to have a fun little pretend wedding.

The project’s website says;

The best sort of love is easy and effortless. And promising one another eternal devotion at a wedding should be just as simple.

That’s why we’ve created a new type of wedding that’s neither expensive nor complicated. Invite your friends – as many as you like and wherever they may be – and celebrate together via a video link. And if you’re not walking down the aisle (yet), we’ve got some inspiration and ideas for other parties for you. But if wedding bells do start to chime, then organising a wedding is just a few clicks away for you and your partner.

The wedding is publicly held on the Ikea website, but the URL to the wedding will only be sent to your invitees. Each session lasts six hours, and will be monitored by Ikea for inappropriate behaviour or any activity that contravenes Swedish law.