Iconosquare is Back and Better Than Ever Featuring a Revamped, Sleek and Modern Platform

A trailblazer in the social media analytics industry, trusted by more than 20,000 social media marketers around the world, Iconosquare is the #1 platform for Instagram analytics. We continuously strive to innovate, bringing our users the highest quality service via five integrated social media platforms; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Welcoming the future Iconosquare: a fresh new look built with modern technology, making us faster and more agile than ever before. 

Our enhanced platform includes faster reporting which allows you to schedule automatic dashboard exports in the blink of an eye. 

The modern interface allows users to view their analytics comprehensively and in real time. Users can now navigate swiftly and seamlessly between their multiple social profiles with our improved account-switching feature. 

For newcomers, our how it works page has been designed to visually show you how to use the platform in a clear and super simple way, utilizing dynamic and animated visuals to explain, all whilst accompanied by our friendly company mascot ‘Ico’ guiding the way. 

The platform has been thought out with our users in mind. We have updated the platform in order to support our users, according to their needs. Our main goal is to guide users as they navigate in-depth, visual social media analytics, save time with peace of mind scheduling, and produce top-notch performance reports. 

Following Iconosquare’s recent redesign, we are delighted to announce upcoming features in the next few months such as:

  • Reels automatic scheduling
  • Product tagging on scheduler
  • Customized PDF analytics reports
  • TikTok scheduling

“We have always wanted to make Iconosquare a useful assistant that helps and accompanies our users in their daily tasks by making them more fluid. This commitment to making our users’ lives easier is at the heart of our thinking and is reflected in the special care we take with the interface. At Iconosquare, we believe that visual comfort, absence of cognitive overload and simplicity of execution have a positive impact on the performance of our users. We believe that serenity is conducive to productivity. Based on this belief, we have evolved the platform to become more streamlined, softer, more “human friendly” and modern. This new interface allows users to focus on what really matters to them: access to data and the actions we propose. The result is your new work buddy, who is always ready to simplify your life.” says Nicolas Le Barreau, Head of Design. 

Our swift and updated platform is fully functional and available for all users, current and incoming. 

The main Iconosquare website and our recently embedded esm² blog and podcast for experienced social media marketers are accessible on https://iconosquare.com. 

About Iconosquare: 

Iconosquare is a powerful social media analytics and management tool. Trusted by over 20,000 users worldwide, this intuitive platform helps social media professionals better engage their communities and boost their social media strategy by leveraging best-in-class analytics, management and reporting features, for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok. 

If you would like more information concerning the platform and our update, please visit our website.