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IBM Announces Marketing Partnership With Facebook

IBM and Facebook teamed up to offer new integrations, providing access to Facebook advertising data and more for IBM marketing cloud customers and marketers.

The deal will see IBM offer access to Facebook data as part of its marketing cloud analytics services and combine IBM’s marketing cloud data with anonymised user data from Facebook’s 1.44 billion users in a bid to enable IBM clients to gain a more accurate profile of their potential customers.

Under the agreement, IBM’s marketing cloud clients can now have access to Facebook’s ad offerings, including Custom Audiences to gain a better understanding of customers’ interests, opinions and expectations from brands.

IBM’s data analytics will be used to help big brands find and communicate with better targeted audiences on Facebook.

By combining retail data, such as purchase history or items viewed, the two companies hope to create more finely personalized marketing campaigns on behalf of their customers.

ibm facebook partnership

Facebook will also be the first company to join IBM’s new research initiative, Commerce ThinkLab. Both companies will develop more services through ThinkLab, focused on developing additional personalization technologies and approaches. IBM’s offerings also include analytics and design features such as customer experience solution Journey Designer.

For IBM, the Facebook partnership is easily the most recent alliance the enterprise technology company has forged with consumer-focused technology companies, particularly Apple and Twitter . The announcement comes about a year after IBM announced its acquisition of cloud marketing company Silverpop.

For more information about the agreement have a look at here.

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