HY.AM Studios Developed All Creative Assets for Hugo Boss

For luxury fashion house HUGO BOSS’s ambitious, 360-degree brand refresh campaign, #BeYourOwnBOSS, Hy.am Studios developed all creative assets for social media and performance marketing.


Featuring over 200 of the world’s top talents, this campaign – the company’s biggest-ever investment in their brand – demanded a particularly concentrated effort.

Their dedicated brand and marketing team worked around the clock in close collaboration with the HUGO BOSS marketing team to relaunch BOSS with a bang.


The goal of the #BeYourOwnBOSS campaign was to introduce a new, authentic global brand image for the company’s next era. Working with cinematic video and stills of the campaign’s star-studded cast of talents, Hy.am Studios created an aspirational promotional narrative centered on the brand’s tenets of individuality and confidence.

An Authentic Ad Campaign

The display and social ads they created for BOSS’s global brand refresh highlighted the brand’s core purpose – “being your own BOSS” – through an intimate, humanized lens.

By integrating the client’s updated set of visual brand codes, they also helped to boost awareness of BOSS’s new and improved visual identity on a global scale.

A Broad Reach

Hy.am Studios developed ad content for all relevant social platforms – from Instagram to TikTok to YouTube.

Their ads also spanned a wide range of native, affiliate, and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) channels, and were featured in shopping centers and airports across the world.

Global Impact on a Local Scale

In order to appeal directly to distinct national audiences, they translated their ads into 18 different languages.

Furthermore, they supported the client with regional distribution – such as specially-tailored DOOH ads and local traffic campaigns.

Outcome/ Impact

A record-breaking success, the BOSS refresh campaign garnered billions of impressions across social media and immediately boosted global awareness of the company’s new brand image among a new, younger customer base.

In the first quarter after the refresh, HUGO BOSS also reported record sales.

About Hy.am Studios

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