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How Video Messaging In Email Bridges The Communication Gap

The technology behind video messaging is evolving day by day. It has allowed us to communicate more clearly and efficiently. As a result, organizations are able to go about their daily activities quicker resulting in a stronger, more engaging community.

If you’re a smart business person, you will invest your efforts in formats that your prospects use the most: video and email.

Did you know that there are over 204 million emails sent every minute? And, what about videos?

People have been watching videos for as long as we can remember, the earliest one being television.

Today, we watch videos practically anywhere whether it’s on TV, Netflix, cinemas, or the internet. As videos become more prominent in the World Wide Web, more people are also choosing to use it as a mode of communication through email.

However, most businesses are still missing the opportunity of using video messaging in email. If you haven’t jumped on video messaging email yet, these are the top reasons why you should.

How Video Messaging Bridges the Communication Gap in Email

1. Video messaging is great for mobile users

Video and mobile go so well together like peanut butter and jelly. As video consumption increases every year, so does mobile usage. More and more people use smartphones because it lets them easily access their needs at the touch of the button.

No needs to find a desktop, sit, and do research when you can just do it through a pocket-sized device.

People who use smartphones are also twice more likely to share a video from an ad they saw. If not, they talk about it to their peers.

2. Video messaging explains better

Have you ever struggled to explain a difficult concept because you were limited to only using words? You’re not alone. Many of us sit too long on our email drafts thinking about the right thing to say that will convey the thoughts we want to express.

With video messaging however, there will be less need for that. You can bring complex concepts to life with animation. Even a simple explainer video will help you convey that message better that any text email can.

Here is an example for motion graphics explainer video:

3. Video messaging is more engaging

More and more people are turning into video to get information. You need not look further than social media where video dominates over text. There’s Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, and YouTube just to name a few. All these networks have millions of users who prefer video as a medium to digest information.

This is simply because videos can naturally command the user’s attention. In the age of attention overload, a video will grab hold of that attention and deliver the message you want to send.

It might even generate a lot of interest and get forwarded to other people. The viral-worthiness of a video means more chances of your content to be seen with little effort on your part.

Research has also shown that emails with videos in them get higher open-rates compared to traditional emails. Now that’s something worth investing in!

4. Video messaging engages even the laziest person

There’s always that one person who is too lazy to read messages in their inbox. Don’t worry; it’s not your fault. Your message could be the most entertaining in the world and they still wouldn’t read it. This is because some people don’t like reading long blocks of text, or any text at all. And that’s fine. However, you can solve this problem with video messaging.

It gets even the laziest person to watch. All they have to do is listening, really. And if they’re interested, they might just even respond or buy something off your site.

5. Video messaging lets you tell a story

Videos are able to tell a story not just through words but through sounds and visuals. This allows you to create stories that are more engaging to your recipient.

It leaves an impression on them that is much easier to recall later on. Think of it as like making plans with a friend. Which appointment are you more likely to remember; One that you arranged over chat or the one that you planned together in person? The latter of course!

6. Video messaging makes you memorable

As mentioned earlier, sending video messages makes it more likely that your recipient will remember you.

Let’s say you’re sending video emails to your prospects. Your video messages will create familiarity which in turn increases trust and credibility. When you have earned that, it’ll be easier to sell products and services to your prospect.

7. Video messaging creates trust

Some consumers are hesitant to buy products online because they worry it might be a scam. It’s hard to verify if someone is legit on the internet, unless you are really internet savvy and you know how figure these things out yourself.

Video messaging for business however, skips the doubt stage in the buying process and gains the customer’s trust right away. You get to present your products in conversational form allowing the recipient to have a personal connection with you.

video messaging for business

In finding positive emotional affect in a piece of communication, a receiver relies 7% on the actual words said, 38% on vocal elements and intonation, and 55% on facial cues. 38% plus 55% gives us the 93% that’s often shared.

In addition, video messages give the customer assurance that you won’t run away with their money. After all, there is now a “face” to your business and should anything happen, they’ll know exactly who to go to.

8. Videos are still great, even at their worst

There’s a saying, “Video is like pizza- when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” Despite how low quality the video might look, you still get the content that you need. You will be surprised to find that there are lots of videos out there with poor production quality but actually has a ton of good information in it.

On the other side of the spectrum are extremely well-produced videos with fluff, meaningless content. You want to maintain a balance of both: have a well-produced video that contains good information.

9. Video messaging makes you unique

Video messaging is a relatively new concept especially in the world of email. Incorporating it in your business today will make you stand out among your competitors. It’s a way to differentiate yourself from the rest and grab your prospect’s attention.

That’s a lot of benefits for something as simple as video. Now that you know what it can do for you, let’s take a look at the best practices you can do. This helps you to make the most out of the medium resulting in more chances of reaping its benefits.

Video Messaging Best Practices

1. Have a plan

Always have a plan before creating a video message. This prevents you from having to take multiple takes. A few mistakes here and there is fine but if you make too many, you’ll feel frustrated and will want to give up.

If you’re not good at video, don’t worry. Everyone is especially if it’s their first few times. Just like anything else, practice will make you better overtime.

You don’t need to be super charismatic to make a successful video. Taking the first step to creating one is already good enough so go ahead and get that plan started first.

Determine the purpose of your video message. What do you want to say? If possible, write a script and rehearse. Repeat those thoughts in your head before hitting “record”.

2. Set the scene

When finding a place to create your video, you want to have these three things present:

● Good lighting
● Little to no distraction
● Sound and appearance clarity

Once you have these three, you can begin filming your video message. The great thing about videos is that you can do multiple takes and patch them together.

3. Watch the file size

If a video’s file size is too big, the recipient might have to wait longer for it to load, or they may end up not watching it at all. Make sure that your video is compressed to the smallest, possible size without sacrificing quality of course) before sending it out.

4. Try animated GIFs

Animated GIFs may not be the kind of video you were thinking of, but it’s still a video that you can add to your email messages to give it more life.

GIFs often express a feeling perfectly than words can so go ahead and give them a try. There are lots of tools like GIF.com and Giphy offering millions of GIFs to express whatever mood you may be in.

5. Keep on testing

Video messaging may be attractive but how you use it may not sit well with some of your audiences. It’s best to experiment with different video formats to see what your recipients will like.

Maybe they prefer shorter videos or they like the video to appear at the very bottom of the email. Observe how your recipients are interacting with your video and use that to optimize your future video messages.

Can you think of other reasons why video messaging in email would be great for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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