How Uplers Talent Connect Leverages the Talent Economy for 2021 and Beyond

The challenges of 2020 are giving way to the goals of 2021. Those who succeed will be able to leverage a new relationship between worker and workplace. And find ways to take advantage of global talent to meet objectives.

Recent surveys show that in talent economy, remote working is not only increasing in popularity, it’s also making a real difference to the bottom line.

  • Companies allowing remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t.
  • The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005.
  • By 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers.

This, then, is the new normal. It’s no longer the future of work; it’s the present. Managing a blended workforce successfully is one of the key challenges that companies will have to face.

It’s to help organizations make this transition seamlessly and to thrive in this new talent economy that Uplers has created a powerful new platform called Talent Connect.

As CEO Jaymin Bhuptani says:

We’re on a mission to connect this massive surge in remote hiring with great Indian talent.

Talent Connect: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Quite simply, Uplers Talent Connect is a platform to connect global remote working opportunities with Indian talent. It helps companies and employees benefit from the advantages of hiring from anywhere without location constraints.

In our time, if a company from San Francisco, for example, needs a full-stack developer, then it should have the opportunity to get the best from anywhere in the world, not just the Bay Area.

Uplers Talent Connect makes sure that employees deliver the right outcome, through the right communication, with the right fit to the company culture.

First, a Talent Connect team helps companies get their requirements and expectations in place. It then sets up interviews with handpicked and prospective candidates.

Even after the person is hired, Talent Connect is still on board to help with other aspects of HR, admin, and legal.

On the supply side, Talent Connect cultivates talent that can deliver and be team players. It helps with functional and technical assessments to mold them into desirable resources for the long term.

How Talent Connect Helps Companies Get Full Marks

Talent Connect is a professional, driven platform that, above all, seeks to make a measurable difference.

There are several ways in which it helps organizations flourish in the new talent economy.

  • It opens access to a pool of pre-vetted talent from India, which has the largest bank of technical and professional talent in terms of expertise and diversity.
  • It lowers business costs by providing a workforce trained on the latest technologies – to ensure speed and quality.
  • It enhances productivity through skilled talent akin to an in-house resource, at a lower cost.
  • It takes care of employee attrition levels through setting expectations and effective communication, thus also enhancing productivity for the long term.
  • It reduces employee management responsibilities by injecting flexibility in timings without compromising on deadlines.

Uplers takes its responsibility to boost company fortunes in the new talent economy very seriously. That’s why every candidate has to go through a five-stage assessment.

This comprises Communication tests, Aptitude tests, Technical MCQ tests, Live Coding tests, and a final Technical Interview round before he/she is added to their Talent Pool.

In this way, companies have access to a pre-vetted, curated talent bank that is groomed for success.

Why Uplers Is Best Suited to Be a Talent Economy Partner

Uplers is a global marketing and technology company that provides access to web developers, designers, digital marketing talent, and more. In India, the US, Australia, and other countries all over the world.

With 650 team members, it serves more than 7000 clients globally, including illustrious names such as Disney, Fox, Amazon, and Facebook.

Uplers prides itself on putting people first, with a rich culture of relationships that has earned it a premium and certified spot on the list of Great Places to Work.

After working closely with global clients for almost a decade, the founders realized that companies are eager to set aside differences in geography. It’s a need whose time has come.

That is how Talent Connect was born. A new way of working for a new normal.

About Uplers

Uplers is a one-stop digital service company delivering end-to-end design, web development, digital marketing, and email production services across 52+ Nations.