How Uplers Elevated Its Business With Offshore Remote Teams Model

Uplers managed to turn obstacles into opportunities by elevating its business with offshore remote teams model during the pandemic.

The rise of digital transformation, coupled with the distressing climate of today, has globally imposed an unprecedented and en masse switch to remote work. While remote work was a popular concept before the outbreak, its adoption skyrocketed in March, causing 88% of companies to allow employees to work from home. The ensuing transition led to the emergence of several trends, the foremost of which was how companies pursued talent to keep their operations stable.

In the midst of an altered business landscape, Uplers recognized how the dearth of suitable talent and lack of fail-safe measures on the part of companies presented a persistent thorn in their side. This planted the seed of an idea of filling this talent gap to offset the growing inefficiencies of the onshore team model by providing suitable talent to companies so that they could scale their business beyond borders.

As businesses across the globe endearingly embraced global talent pools, it laid to rest their misconceptions about the offshore team model. The pandemic has shown them that with the right processes and culture, it can work — sometimes even better than onshore teams. This switch has been particularly favored by Western organizations due to their acute lack of engineering talent, with the US alone outsourcing 300,000 jobs each year.

With remote work increasingly becoming the new normal, the idea of hiring dedicated offshore teams will hold businesses in good stead in the near future due to their proposed benefits of lower costs, access to a wider talent pool, and the ability to drive a broader transformational change.

The contract-based nature of offshore teams affords businesses immense flexibility as well. An interesting and exalted connoisseur of the offshore team model, the tech giant, Google, is a perfect example of this. Google made waves in 2011 when it collaborated with software development teams located offshore to develop its highly coveted Project Ara. Yet another organization, Elite Mobile, found immense success after partnering with an offshore team, expanding its distribution of telecommunication products and services all over the globe.

Uplers has always kept abreast of these trends by keeping one hand on the pulse of the market. This foresight has helped Uplers prudently increase its investing efforts in screening the right talent to bridge the talent gap for businesses so that they can find the right resources that fit their specific business needs.

Additionally, Uplers has reinvested its efforts in expanding its digital talent pool of 500+ resources to provide businesses with abiding resources to help them continuously scale on-demand.

Apart from strengthening its recruiting efforts, Uplers has also rigidified its screening process to uphold the accountability of the talent it hires so that businesses can get access to the right intellectual capital. Uplers also assists businesses with hiring dedicated teams, which can be transparently managed by them to draw out their maximum productivity so that they can act as value-added extensions of their in-house team.

This practice has helped Uplers scale business development for countless brands and organizations. Among them is JXT, a leading digital marketing service provider in Australia. By partnering with Uplers, JXT was able to build 500 websites developed in a matter of just 60 months. Another happy outsourcer, Repeat Booking, successfully collaborated with Uplers to develop a fully functional user-friendly website with a secure dashboard and scaled it to its users in under 180 days.

This continued success has fueled Uplers’ desire to provide businesses and agencies around the world with the very best. Celebrated among clients and global circles alike for being at the forefront of innovation, Uplers has been credited with revolutionizing offshore experiences for 7000+ clients. With 7+ years of experience in the field, Uplers is a leading global talent provider. Its efficient remote teams have been paving the way for business success and have heralded a new era of seamless digital ecosystems through its innovation, processes, and people.

About Uplers

Uplers is a global digital services provider offering end-to-end web, design, digital marketing, and other services to businesses across 52+ nations. Renowned among global circles as a top talent provider, Uplers has been helping organizations build efficient remote teams to fulfill scaling needs and achieve business success through its innovation, processes, and people.