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How To Vet Digital Marketing Stacks And The Agencies That Offer Them

More organizations are discovering their needs abscond the traditional methodology of digital marketing.

While some brands put their marketing dollars into paid search and others shift a huge portion of their marketing budget towards SEO, they fail to realize they are only utilizing one piece to a much bigger machine.

In order to maximize reach, impress the best audiences, and deliver the right messaging, partnering with an agency offering custom digital marketing growth stacks will put organizations in a much better position to achieve their goals and hit those high-revenue targets.

But what defines a great growth stack? How can you tell if an agency is at the top of the game, or just novice players making claims?

This article will help steer you into a thought process for vetting agencies and the growth stacks they customize.

What is a Digital Marketing Growth Stack?

For many organizations, the term “growth stack” is a new one. A digital marketing growth stack is a set of tools and strategies strategically chosen to work in synch to achieve a goal.

These can vary based on your products and services, industry, current technical capabilities, buyer personas, and other marketing initiatives.

The Growth Stack Approach

Approach is everything when it comes to choosing an agency that specializes in marketing stacks.

Pay close attention to the process; ask to see an outline of their onboarding process before you sign a contract.

A good growth stack foundation will be rooted in how people consume information and make purchasing decisions.

If you are vetting agencies, be sure to axe the ones that fail to do market research, create in-depth buyer personas, delve into your sales data, and other touch points that help marketers truly understand the audience they need to target.

Only when an agency has a comprehensive understanding as to how their client’s customers engage content and make purchasing decisions can the right tools and strategies be chosen and customized to work together in unison.

Technology and Marketing Stacks

Understanding the type of tools needed allows your agency marketing team to do a number of things from attracting new customers to improving customer service.

Tools can also boost retention rates, enhance brand loyalty, and provide data necessary for making ongoing optimizations.


You will want to work with an agency that scales down the tool set without sacrificing on abilities.

Rather than have one tool that does one thing it is ideal to find a short set of platforms that perform a number of functions and that easily integrate with your CRM without leaving any gaps.

Not only will this approach save you money, it also helps your marketing team collect more accurate data while saving time.

Growth Stack Strategies

Most growth stack strategies combine the inbound marketing methodology with SEO and content marketing.

Again, the approach should always begin with an understanding of how customers consume industry-related content and the triggers that play into their purchasing decisions.

There should be a set strategy for paid search, email marketing, SEO, and any other strand that are all aligned to achieve the same goal through multiple traffic channels.

You Found Your Growth Stack, Now What?

Once you have found an agency that you can easily work with, and the proposed growth stack strategy reflects everything you hope to achieve, communication will be key.

When it comes to SEO, email marketing, a marketing automation strategy using downloadable content, or any other component to the stack, sales are not going to germinate at the flip of a switch.

Be sure you understand the process and have realistic expectations.

A carefully thought out marketing stack will help brands increase revenue; you just need to work with the process.

This course will run smoothly so long as you have a single point-person you can communicate with during business hours, and who walks you through monthly reporting in a clear and digestible manner.

Finally, your agency is your partner; you form a bond and have solidified a true team mentality.

When both parties take accountability and work together to achieve the same goal, the reward will come.

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