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How To Use Twitter Lists More Effectively

Twitter lists can help users organize their Twitter accounts to find, monitor and interact with right people more effectively.

Twitter lists are practical and useful, they make the interaction easier. You can easily organize the people and brands you’re following on Twitter with the help of the lists feature.

A Twitter list allows you to categorize your following on Twitter, assigning them to groups which will have their very own feed. Lists help you organize your Twitter feed so you can see tweets from people with specific interests and expertise. Once set up, a Twitter user can select a Twitter list to view just the public tweets of those allocated to that list. In other words, these lists act as a filter on Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter List

– To create a Twitter list, you can either click on your profile icon or go to your profile page and click on “Lists”.

– Click “Create List”.

– Enter a name for your list and a description in the relevant boxes, select whether you want it to be a private list or a public list, and then click “Save list”. Public lists allow any user on Twitter to view and subscribe to your list. On the contrary to this, private lists can only be viewed by you.

– Now, you can add people to this list. To start with, just search for people in the usual way. Then, click the button next to “follow” and select “Add or remove from list” from the menu.

– And, you have a Twitter list.

How to Use Twitter Lists

1. Monitor Competitors

Create a list of businesses and individuals in your niche that you would consider direct competitors. Monitor what types of content they tweet, and how they interact with their followers. Track their activities, view updates and use these insights to improve your own Twitter strategy.

Competitor lists will also give you a competitive advantage checking up on what your competitors are doing on Twitter.

2. Connect With Industry Leaders

You can create a Twitter list to track and interact with industry leaders. When you follow these people, you can engage with them consistently, retweet their content and mention them. Also, they are valuable resources, so they can add value to your account.

using twitter list for marketing

3. Stay on Top of Trends

A Twitter list can be created for keeping up with the latest news and trends on Twitter. You can create a list and add the top websites and users who constantly share breaking news in your industry.

Twitter lists are an effective way to organize Twitter feed, in addition to this the feature help you enhance your profile’s status as a remarkable industry leader.

4. Engage With Customers

This list could include both people you currently follow, and those you do not. The important thing is that this list would include people who you consider part of your target market. Create a list for engaging customers and keep track of participants in your Twitter chats. Nurture your relationships with your most active social customers by adding them to a list.

You can reward people who share your blog posts and/or those who actively retweet your content. Engage with these fans on a regular basis by thanking them and sharing their tweets.

5. Engage With Employees

A list created for helping and engaging employees is a great way. It can help to integrate new employees into your current team and get to know each other better.

6. Create Lists for Events

A list created for an event allows attendees and speakers connect before the event as well as follow the activity from the event in real time.

7. Follow Bloggers and Media

A Twitter list that includes bloggers, journalist and reporters who write about your industry is a great information source. You can use Twitter as a platform to stay in touch with bloggers and media people and a list would be very useful to build relationship.


Twitter is a great social networking tool that is widely used to collect and share information. Also, people interact with each other and develop relationships via Twitter. To take full advantage of Twitter, you need to get organized. Creating list helps you improve your Twitter experience and benefit from it in a productive way.

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