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How To Use Advanced Personalization Techniques For Lead Generation And Nurturing

Personalization is commonplace in growth marketing organizations. However, strategic and tactical techniques aimed at making things easier for the buyer are evolving quickly and are used by boutique, growth-driven digital marketing agencies from Los Angeles to New York.

Today’s customers don’t rely on sales teams or commonplace content; they demand highly personalized content that resonates with their emotional needs, and any savvy brand will know this to be true.

If you are able to personalize your content, your customers will take notice, and your sales numbers will stand as a testimony to a winning lead generation and nurturing strategy.

Predictive Analytics Carve Ways for Advanced Personalization

Most marketing agencies think they are cutting edge by using personalization tokens that focus on relevancy.

They segment their audiences using buyer persona data and construct messaging based on past actions took by web visitors. There is nothing advanced here, just common sense marketing.

On the other hand, advanced personalization strategies revolve around individual customer experiences anchored in predictive analytics that use customer data to frame, lead, stretch and develop interactions based on a client’s unique history, the context, intentions, and preferences as notated from engagement data.

The output of this can help the buyer make an educated, informed decision that strikes at a personal level.

Here is an example: let’s say I buy a pair of formal trousers and the brand given me recommendations for dress shirts and a pair of shoes to complete a sophisticated look for the office.

They even give me the option to use an app to take a photo of myself and see how I will look wearing various shirts that match my trousers. These actions help buyers, and derive from a deep pool of predictive analytics.

The Best Buyer Centric Approach

First, ditch the traditional product centric approach for one that is buyer focused; this is what advanced personalization customer forward strategies are all about.

In this framework, mindset and process is turned upside down so that the buyer’s preferences can be the focal point. This, in turn, will reveal needs and customer pains. Here is a roadmap to help create a buyer-focused strategy with predictive analytics:

Data – Collect any data that is driven from individual behaviour.

Content – Look at content consumed based on behavioural engagement changes on topics and context.

Channels – Note channels they came in and all the touch points.

Uniqueness – Define actions taken based on customer intent.

Context – Consider the stage of the buyer’s journey, time of day, and location in the funnel.

Segment your leads and contacts with the above data, calculate traffic and engagement trends, and create a predictive modeling framework that can be used to map out a strategy that uses advanced personalization tactics to make the journey, search experience and complete process simplistic for the buyer while increasing your lead generation and conversions.

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