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How To Succeed In Growth Marketing

It’s interesting, but almost every time a new client phones our agency they say things like “we want to be number one on Google” or “we need SEO services”. But this isn’t what they really want.

In talking to these callers it becomes clear they want what every business wants: to hit their revenue targets and achieve year-over-year growth. But mid-size and larger organizations need additional strategies and tools alongside SEO services, as no single strategy alone will generate enough traffic and nurture leads through the sales funnel at the necessary rate and frequency for an organization of such a size with specific growth goals.

In order for businesses to hit their sales goals, a multi-channel approach for generating traffic is required. Marketing sacks are nothing new. However, the approach will vary from agency to agency.

It’s vital the approach is grounded in how buyers consume information and make purchasing decisions, and that every tool and strategy works together in total alignment to achieve the same goals. But engineering a growth stack doesn’t simply mean identifying which marketing strategies are required and slapping them together.

Every component must be executed at highly creative levels and integrated to drive business growth.

Generating Traffic

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make in traffic generation is this: there is a lack of targeting. It’s very common for marketers to use broad methods for driving traffic; they play the numbers game and attract huge masses of clicks, throw something out there, and hope it sticks.

On the other hand, the best growth marketing agencies offering SEO use advanced audience targeting tactics to attract the right cohorts most likely to convert through organic means.

SEO is our main source of traffic, and while most organic search initiatives focus ranking content with a menagerie of keyword types and phrases that showcase various search volume, an SEO strategy that feeds traffic to a robust growth stack will be built around target audiences and their needs. Some of these targeting techniques include:

• Buyer persona development
• Aligning sales and marketing to extract consumer data
• Social listening
• Analysing review sites
• Questionnaires and surveys to current clients, leads, and those who failed to convert
• Google Trends and Related Searches

These points allow for gathering personal information on target buyers, as well as takeaways that showcase search popularity in Google. Not only will this data enrich traffic generation but it can also be used to optimize mid-funnel and end of funnel tactics.

At the heart of everything a successful growth stack does is understanding buyers, and without a firm grasp on who your target audiences are and how to fulfil their unique needs, your results will come up vanilla.


Nail Down the Technology Piece

Bigger is better, right? Not when it comes to implementing tools into a growth stack. Nailing down the technology piece falls into two main buckets: the stack and the integration.

All too often, we on board new growth stack clients, who have a tool for everything possible task.

Businesses will have a tool for automating emails, one for creating templates, and another for analytics. The average number of tools our customers had when approaching us in 2018 has been seven.

While organizations think they are making a wise investment in multiple tools due to the fact that each tool’s claim to fame is performing one function exceptionally well, they are in fact over-complicating things and wasting money.

The more tools you have, the more gaps form because tools need to talk to each other, and human beings need to go to multiple places to get data points and perform tasks. Multiple tools also require internal teams to spend significantly more time in performing tasks and creating reports because they have to bounce from one platform to the next.

Instead, working from a single comprehensive CRM (HubSpot is an example, but there are others) that has marketing automation, data gathering abilities, monitoring, creative possibilities, and many other features central to digital marketing is ideal alongside an additional tool or two is ideal.

This setup will allow for greater efficiency, leave smaller room for errors, and provide for better quality.

Integration is the other area where many drop the ball. Make sure all tools to be kept integrate flawlessly with the CRM. This requires someone with technical chops, as all the points need to be perfectly firing in order to make full use of the stack.

Marketing Chops and Technological Know-How can No Longer be Separated

It used to be that a college degree and impressive work experience was enough to qualify someone to be a CMO or lead marketing strategist. But this has changed.

Today’s marketing strategist must have a comprehensive understanding of all technology pieces, especially the CRM. You can have a brilliant idea for executing a campaign, but if the client’s current toolset doesn’t fully integrate with the CRM’s automation piece, the strategy will have to be altered to still achieve its purpose but down a different path.

We perfected the growth stack by finding the right talent that has the technology background, a knack for strategic marketing, is client-facing, and works along our paid media, SEO, creative and inbound teams to ensure custom strategies that promote sales enablement.

Step Up Your Marketing Stack Game

In closing, when you place the buyer at the core of every stage in the sales funnel while running modern, customized marketing strategies aligned to achieve the same goal, the results will be phenomenal.

Ensure that every tool and strategy is measurable, and analyze while making ongoing adjustments. This is an agile environment requiring constant optimization in order to ensure every strand of the stack remains relevant and goal aligned.

Executing a consistently successful marketing stack is no easy task. If you lack the internal talent it is recommended to seek a marketing agency capable of helping you hit and exceed your growth goals.

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