How to Make Your Business Logo with 5 Popular Free Logo Makers

A well-designed logo has the biggest impact on customer perception. It will give them a quick impression of your brand, product or service. Although creating a customized logo sounds a bit expensive, there are loads of free business logo maker tools that can take your design experience to the next level. 

A brand without a logo doesn’t make any sense. So, to start your new business on the right foot with a professional logo, you should get help from the logo makers. Once your logo is looking good, no doubt that it will leave a strong impression on your customers.

Designing a logo may seem a simple task but if you are just starting running an online store it may be pricey. The same goes for small businesses. They may not have enough resources to create their professional logo too. At this point, I can hear your inner voice that asks “So, how to make a business logo free then?”. We have rounded up the best free business logo maker solutions just for you!

Create Your Professional Logo Using The Top 5 Free Logo Generators

We have included the best online logo makers in this list below that can help create a logo for your business in a quick and easy way. With that in mind, most of these free tools also offer paid plans.

Let’s dive into the rich world of free logo creator tools together!

Wix Free Logo Maker

Wix free logo maker dominates the web design and development world. It allows users to create their custom logo designs in minutes. The design tool asks several questions on how to make your own logo free. Then, it gathers your all answers to show the potential designs that match your brand identity.


The design process runs smoothly with following these steps:

  • Enter your brand name
  • Tell them what your logo is for
  • Share your design style
  • Customize your logo design
  • Download your logo
  • Print your logo

Once you identify your brand identity and design style, Wix free logo maker AI-powered system starts working to show you the best professional design for your brand. If you need high-resolution files or brand materials for social media, you can purchase your logo design at any time.

While you are designing your piece, Wix’s comprehensive template library helps make it a unique logo. From businesses & enterprises to health & wellness, the library covers a wide range of designer-made templates. You can also get inspired by other user-made templates while designing your own logo. 

Another great benefit of using Wix is that it provides services in web design. So, you can build your online presence while using both free logo and web design services. Not only does Wix help create professional designs but it also helps create professional business cards to impress your customers. 

Canva Free Logo Maker

Like Canva says “Designing a logo doesn’t have to be daunting.”. Canva free logo maker provides all key elements to create a professional logo. You don’t need to be a professional designer in order to create a logo at Canva. The drag and drop editor can ease the design process and give you a chance to customize your logo in minutes. After you finish your design, you can download it in high resolution at no extra charge.


A great logo builds trust and recognition. So, choosing the right colours combinations matters. Canva’s logo templates library offers designer approved colour combinations. If you have something different in your mind, you can easily adjust it by using the editor. By adding the right vector files, illustrations and icons make your logo more iconic.

Squarespace Free Logo Maker

Squarespace provides a design tool that helps anyone create a logo with no prior knowledge needed. The easy-to-use editor provides a wide range of logo templates to customize your logo in minutes. You can simply start the logo creation process by inputting your brand name, design style, slogan and brand type. If you are still undecided about your brand name, you can also get help from the brand name generator. The AI-powered system like Wix free logo maker presents the right design that best fits your business needs. 


At the preview stage, you can customize your design by making the final touches to your liking. As the rich library covers industry-based icons and illustrations, your logo will be unique and in line with the industry. If you want to download your unique logo in high resolution, you can create a free Squarespace account.


Another great free logo maker Hatchful was created by Shopify. The logo creator offers a simple design dashboard to create eye-striking logos based on your preferences. If you don’t want to create a logo from scratch, you can pick from among ready-to-use ones. By adding icons or playing around the colour combinations, you can make your professional designs more peerless.


Once you let Hatchful know about your brand values and industry, it will immediately come up with the best tailor-made design choices. Hatchful also allows you to download brand materials for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to improve your brand presence on social media. 


Like most free online logo makers, TailorBrands helps you create customized logos powered by artificial intelligence. All you need to do is to enter your brand name and the type of your business. You can move forward with choosing the fonts, colour combinations, and adding illustrations to customize your logo. 


There are also numerous ready-to-use logo templates which makes your design process easier. You can add your personal touches to make it unique. When you finish creating your logo, TailorBrands lets you download it as any vector files formats. 

Final Words

After all of that, you might be still undecided about choosing the best free business logo maker depending on your needs. We have gathered together the free online logo makers that do most of the logo design for you. With keeping your brand identity and style in mind, you can choose one of the logo generators that fit your needs.

Sit back and relax, a free business logo maker will take care of the rest of your design process for you!

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