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How To Create A Tasteful, Delightful Digital Story

There are a few moments in life that fire emotions and bring sparkle to the eyes like a truly memorable meal. Cooking simply, echoing traditions of family cuisine in a bustling kitchen, or creating new taste explosions for the modern palette, food dances effortlessly across styles and times.

Even though, food and beverage sector has an enormous creative potential in terms of digital, not all the brands have already realized it. Even giants such as Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Nestle, Ferrero, Kellogg’s could do better. On the other hand also the smallest players can cut a nice piece of the cake if they manage to pull out and underline their USPs in the right way. And that’s the point where digital agencies can help.

When cooking a delicious dish, one can get inspired from many different recipes. Most probably, there will be some key ingredients in common, but there are also many flavours you can add based on your preferences, previous experience and creativity. Designing a successful digital story is a very similar process.

If you want to create something unique that will distinguish you from others, you need a chef’s secret to making it look really tasteful and crunchy.

Italian Director & Scriptwriter, Federico Fellini, says:

Life is a combination of magic…and pasta.

Following the topic of EXPO 2015 “Feeding the planet” we decided to have a look at Italian digital cuisine and discover the secret behind their delicious websites.

Generally speaking, when designing a website for a F&B client, agencies face one important creative challenge: How can a digital experience built around drinking or eating ever match up to the sensory explosion of the ‘real thing’?

In order to find an answer for this riddle we let an Italian digital agency AQuest invite us for a visual dinner.

As an entrée, they served us with an outstanding new Risotteria Melotti‘s website spiced by emotion-rich video & photo content arranged on different devices. Then we were recommended to take one of their specialties, fully responsive online chicken from Chickenbot glazed with integrated social media and easy-to navigate graphic design that will satisfy even the pickiest gourmet. This yummy digital dish goes perfectly paired with a glass of red wine from the Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, one of the most historic vineyards in Italy, home to the famous Amarone and Ripasso. But let’s not forget that when you pour a great wine into a not-so-great glass, it turns into a very ordinary wine.

Chickenbot website

That’s why AQuest chose an award-winning glass emphasizing real aromas and tastes and bringing the real feeling of opening a window onto the vineyard as sun sets, with grapes framed so close a user could reach out and touch them. And what is the secret of their success? We asked directly their Creative Director and CEO, Fabio Merlin, who said,

We believe that each brand deserves individual approach and a tailor-made solution that would express its personality. That’s why we prefer not to work with CMS, but start from scratch and design things exactly like we create them in our imagination. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes challenging, but one thing is irreversible, we always put the whole body and soul in all our projects. And apparently, this is something that counts.

Our sneak peek of what to watch out in Digital in 2015 includes: Stronger user experience through engagement and interactive storytelling, visual emphasis using flat/material design and of course mobile first development approach.

cantina valpolicella negrar website

A meaningful photography, video and graphics are worth a thousand words.

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