How To Launch An Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaign

Check out these tips and tricks to create and launch successful digital marketing campaigns in 2016!

The purpose of a digital marketing strategy for any company is to force you through the process of researching and clearly articulating the aims and goals of your digital initiatives, along with targeting digital personas, and choosing which channels to go after them.

Setting up a digital marketing campaign can be simple, or it can get very complex.

Developing a digital strategy requires recognition of your target audience, identifying where they can be found online and what metrics will determine success.

The infographic below is a 29-step-plan for digital marketing campaign success. It’s a mix of SEO, mobile and social marketing techniques. It also points out the best available tools to implement every step of a campaign.


The infographic was put together by Bulldog Digital Media, a team of young and enthusiastic Digital Marketing experts.

The importance of creative videos for marketing campaigns in 2016

Almost all of the successful digital marketing campaigns involve creative videos in 2016. Video is taking content marketing by storm!

Nielsen claims more than 60% of marketers expect video to dominate their campaign strategies in the near future, because video is unbeatable when it comes to potential reach. Have a look at the best marketing campaigns of 2016 by Warc 100, an annual ranking of the world’s most creative and effective marketing campaigns, and you’ll see that the campaign strategies are all built around creative videos.

Obviously, it’s a complicated environment for marketeres to get their message heard. If you haven’t considered it by now, you should seriously think about using creative videos as part of your digital marketing campaigns.

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