How to Keep Your Marketing Consistent and Attract Clients During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted both human lives and the global economy on a startling scale. The situation is saturated with uncertainty, as the duration of the pandemic remains unknown.

It’s unsurprising, then, that many businesses will worry about meeting lead generation targets throughout this period. Without traditional, in-person networking, how can your business make meaningful, profitable connections?

Fortunately, it’s still possible to set yourself up for success once the crisis passes. Though it may be hard to drive revenue right now, this blog will explore how to generate leads in the midst of the pandemic, so that your business can weather the storm.

Focus on Your Messaging

Take a step back and look at your messaging as objectively as possible. Think about your offering and consider which elements are most likely to resonate with your audience in the current climate. Do you need to refine or tailor some areas of your messaging?

Right now, it’s important to offer your customers and prospects as much empathy as possible, whilst still adhering to your brand voice. Avoid an overly negative or stuffy corporate tone – instead, ensure your messaging is positive and personal.

The tone and approach that you take in communication during this time frame will greatly impact how your business is perceived. Making slight adjustments in your messaging to ensure that you are catering to the concerns and needs of your audience can go a long way, not only in retaining your current clients but also in attracting new ones.

Keep up Lines of Communication

If you want to be viewed as a trusted and valued source by your audience, then you need to stay in touch on a consistent basis. Publish articles regularly and maintain an active online presence with new content shared across your social channels. This will help you to stay in the minds of your current clients – and pique the interest of potential leads.

With screen time exploding as the masses stay home, social media use is at an all-time high. This indicates that your target audience is likely to be more receptive to online activities than before, which opens up a window of opportunity for your communications. Leverage your social media to broadcast updates, offer assistance and share new material.

As with your messaging, the content you share should be thoughtful, educational and informative. It needs to be relevant and useful – as insensitive sales-heavy pieces will do you no favours.


Adapt Your Marketing to the Current Climate

Businesses around the globe are modifying their marketing campaigns to be more accessible and relevant in the current climate. This can be achieved in many ways: be it the addition of extra services, discounts and offers or the creation of online resources.

Interestingly, our lead gen team reported a spike in content downloads over the weekends and evenings in a recent campaign. This goes to show that people are spending more time online out of standard working hours – and that they are openly looking for fresh, informative pieces.

With a little creativity, it’s possible to minimise your losses and find new opportunities to capture leads. Your audience has time to kill, so give them content that is value-adding and pertinent. Such content could include:

  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Downloadable guides
  • Online tutorials
  • Blogs

Being adaptive with the times and making strategic decisions is key to securing new leads. Whatever approach you take to marketing at this time, it’s important to make your target audience know that you are available, operational and focussed.

New Business Conversations Are Happening Everyday – Join Them

Based on our client list alone, it would seem that technology businesses are showing no signs of slowing down. New business conversations are happening each day, and they are being well received. Wherever possible, companies are acting on their feet, adapting to the circumstances and looking for new opportunities.

With prospects receptive to communication, it’s worth revisiting your marketing strategy. Keep in mind the change in your audience’s needs, pain points and their new remote working set-up – and tailor your offerings and messaging accordingly.

Be sure to maintain consistent lines of communication, stay active on your social channels and adapt your marketing strategy to attract new leads and leave your business stronger at the other end.

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