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How To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Skills In 60 Minutes

All you need to get started with mobile marketing is your phone -or desktop- and an hour of spare time each day. Easy. You can start planning a killer mobile marketing campaign on your morning commute!

Granted, you may need to pre-plan and break your tasks down into stages. However, with access to the right tools and a ‘fly from the seat of your pants’ attitude, you can start boosting traffic and sales from your site today.

This article will give you some pointers to help you up-skill in this burgeoning area of digital marketing.

Ensure Your Setup is ‘Good To Go’

To level the playing field you need to ensure that your mobile site is up and running and responsive to your customer’s needs. This means you have to take a ‘mobile first’ approach to the site’s design.


Does the site scroll fluidly and have you made it as reader-friendly as possible in the fonts and contrasts you are using? Have you condensed your site’s navigation to make it easy for customers to choose the right path through your site?

Research mobile UX conventions and invest time and effort into getting the foundations of your mobile site right.

Some of the more in-depth aspects to explore within mobile include conversion-focused navigation paths.

If for example, you are a business with premises, mobile visitors will want easy access to your telephone number, a map, or they may wish to donate to your site or pay via SMS.

Think about the tasks users would need to complete on their mobile phones and look for ways you can make these as easy as possible for them. Some of this will technically take longer than 60 minutes to complete — but you can quite easily map out a mobile improvement roadmap.

It’s worth it in the long run — you don’t want to build mobile traffic to a site that’s not going to convert.

Explore Video & Images

Mobile marketing is predominantly focussed on social media — users spend a considerable amount of time chatting and interacting with their friends online. Mobile’s sociability is reflected in the highly ephemeral nature of mobile content.

Studies suggest that video advertising campaigns can boost social engagement levels significantly across all industries. Therefore, any mobile marketer worth their salt will need to start experimenting with video and apps like Snapchat.

It’s pretty easy to go live at the push of a button on big social networking sites Instagram and Facebook — so don’t be shy.

Not sure where to start?

Spend some time researching other brands on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and even Musical.ly. Look at other influential accounts in your industry and see how you can start to introduce video into your own ad and social campaigns.

Got something to say right now?

Shoot a quick mobile video and add it to your ‘story’ if you are feeling brave…


Brush Up On Your Sequential Marketing Skills

The cardinal rule of mobile marketing is to connect with your customer on a personal level, without being too intrusive and ‘spammy’ in your approach. By setting up sequential marketing campaigns, you can ‘pull’ users towards your brand rather than ‘pushing’ your advertising messages upon them.

For example, an informative video demonstrating your product in action is an excellent way to eliminate customer hesitations in audiences who have never seen your service before.

Based on the engagement figures of the video, set up an offer advertisement that pushes towards the mobile user who tuned in to the entire video.

For those who may have only watched ten seconds of the first campaign, set up an advertising sequence that breaks the information down into shorter posts, or perhaps send a product gallery promotion that triggers their memory and makes them curious to find out more….

The key here is to focus on telling a story, as well as re-targeting. It’s very easy to start re-targeting on platforms like Facebook, and you can quickly map out a sequence of ads using services like AdEspresso.


Start planning your sequence with some rough sketches…

Dig Into Your Mobile Analytics Data

You need to acquaint yourself with your social media and mobile analytics — these can be found on each separate platform, as well as Google Analytics. However, if you want to make your task easier, use a service that combines all of these data points onto one dashboard.

Condensing all of this information can aid you in making budgeting decisions ‘on the fly.’

Some programs will even allow you to overlay social media stats onto your CRM systems. Based on this info you can find your very best, loyal customers and build a tailored mobile service just for them.

You can use handy mobile tools like Kit that offer automated help with your mobile marketing campaigns. This A.I tool will provide you with pointers on what to try next, and it can even help you generate things like Facebook posts automatically.

If you are running an ecommerce store, you will even have options to run and manage your store from mobile — this is a great way to really champion the mobile-first approach, and leave old desktop habits behind.

By running your business from your mobile, you will be much closer to how customers will be actually interacting with your site.

Get Creative

Sites like Snapchat and Instagram have opened up a wealth of options for advertisers looking to make the most of their paid campaigns. You can create shoppable galleries on Instagram and link them directly to your online storefront.

This makes it easy for customers to shop from you on mobile.

Snapchat, thanks to its Snap MMM Partner program, now allow advertisers to make their own custom filters and geo-targeting campaigns. Brush up on your Photoshop skills and get designing your own brand-themed filter.


You can start a campaign for as little as $5 for 24 hours. There really are no barriers to entry, whether you’re a ‘mom and pop’ shop or multinational company.

Go for it — explore new and exciting ad formats and campaigns to make the most of what mobile marketing can offer. In an hour, you should be able to lay good groundwork in terms of trying something different.

Study Up On ‘Micro Moments’

Micro-moments’ is a term coined by Google that describes moments throughout the day where we check our phones. As most of us have our phones with us 24/7, there are endless ‘micro-moments’ throughout the day that marketers can jump on.


How to benefit from micro-moments?

Give priority to your mobile customer’s needs when it comes to the length of time they have to engage with you. In a matter of microseconds — how can you get someone to engage and convert?

Do you really understand mobile scrolling patterns? What makes content ‘thumb stopping’?

Get into the habit of creating content and sales funnels that are reactive and agile — and they shouldn’t ever be device-specific either. Just because someone is on mobile now, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be on PC, Mac, or tablet later….

Don’t get so obsessed with mobile that you forget about your omnichannel strategy.

Mobile marketing will one day soon be known as just ‘marketing’. Don’t get left behind and get visual, get social, and get mobile.

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