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How To Get Marketing And Sales Teams To Work Better Together In 2018

Aligning your sales and marketing teams is a critical move to enable business growth. This is a quandary that has existed since the corporate structure came to light, and one not easily mastered.

Today’s best inbound marketing agencies that offer sales enablement analyze infrastructures, communication chains, processes, and streamline internal operations and revenue streams by syncing sales and marketing to work in congruent, well-oiled unity to achieve the same goals.

Why Align Your Sales and Marketing Arms?

Calibrating your sales and marketing teams to work together shortens the sales cycle, especially when B-to-B clients are concerned. Hitting those high revenue targets is the ultimate goal shared by both departments.

When sales and marketing communicate efficiently, ROI can be directly linked to marketing materials, and closing the sales cycle will become significantly easier.

Get Executive Decision-Making on Board

The first step to aligning your sales and marketing team is to get the thumbs up from executive leadership. Before your marketing manager and sales manager come together in agreement, there must be commitment from the top that sales and marketing alignment is not only important, but paramount to growth.

Traditionally there is a great degree of tension between sales and marketing teams. Often sales teams view marketing as “entitled college-educated lounge-abouts” and fail to appreciate their hard work, while marketing tends to view sales as “frat boy phone jockeys” and don’t appreciate all the complex situations they face.

When the CEO is able to step up and stress the importance of bridging the gap and streamlining internal communications, a holistic team unification can be built with joint departmental faith as the glue that keeps the bricks together.

Hold Frequent Meetings Between Sales and Marketing

Today we are seeing a growing startup culture that wants to eliminate as many meetings as possible. Meetings between marketing and sales should never be bent over the guillotine. These meetings should take place once a week where the previous week’s activities are examined.

Sales should update marketing on what they have been doing and include valuable information that lends insight into pain points and other conversational takeaways that can help shape content marketing.


Marketing should also report to sales letting them know what’s converting well, what’s staggering, and provide any insight that might help close the loop.

Management overseeing these weekly meetings needs to continuously enforce the common goal element, and award praise and recognition for dual team effort that translates into earned revenue.

Turn the Office into a Marketing and Sales Tossed Salad

Most companies provide separate work stations for sales and marketing teams. Keep in mind that most internal relationship-building and communication is informal, so look for the value in mixing up sales and marketing professionals in the same space.

If you pair a sales rep with a marketer they will be able to see what each does on a day-to-day. Marketing will get a better idea as to whether or not their tactics are helping to move the needle, and sales will be able to ask marketing for some data points on the leads they are working. When sales has a better understanding of their leads, they can nurture them more efficiently.

Building the Bridge

Every organization is different. Hold an internal meeting with executive leaders and all levels of management to take a step back, consider your company culture, its goals as an organization and for its individual employees, and engineer a bridge between marketing and sales that fits your development.

Design a bridge that ties revenue generation to marketing, and that loops sales into data-driven marketing fuel. Once the two hop in bed with the dedication and drive to achieve the same goal, you can expect to see continuous growth in a more harmonious setting.

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