How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Workshop To Help Grow Your Business

Chances are good you’ve tried PPC, SEO, or both. It is also safe to assume you saw some traction, but not enough to really put you on the path to hitting your growth goals and high revenue targets.

What do you do now?

All the digital marketing agencies you have reached out to pretty much promise the same thing, and after reading through multiple proposals, they all start blending together in a static cloud of white noise.

This is exactly why the best business growth agencies offer a digital marketing workshop so that organizations like yours can discover potential road mapping strategies customized to your business.

This is advantageous for brands because it helps them define the right direction before investing time and capital into a “best guess” strategy proposed by a cookie-cutter agency.

Any digital marketing workshop should be conducted to align both sides–the agency and the customer. Mutual understanding is extremely valuable, and a workshop helps determine the best digital marketing growth stack before diving deeper.

This is a hand-picked set of tools and strategies based on each business’s needs that will enable a rewarding and effective plan. It will also be engineered with a cohesive directive so all its working parts align to achieve desired goals.

This article will help you locate and identify the best digital marketing workshop that will unveil a clear path forward in your organization’s growth.

How Long Should a Digital Marketing Workshop Be?

By no means should this be a two-hour PowerPoint presentation with an hour’s conversation followed by a proposal. Nor should it run throughout the course of a day, or even a week.

Your business is unique. From understanding data points to how your customers consume information relevant to your products or industry, it will take significant time to truly dive deep and determine a clear path to hit your growth goals.

Expect to invest more than a month in a good, detailed digital marketing workshop. This way the agency has time in between sessions to research and mold the various building blocks to your customized growth stack.

Digital Marketing Workshops Should Begin with the Business Discovery

Before an agency can prep a digital marketing strategy, they must first learn about your business.

Expect to be placed under a microscope while your digital marketing expert begins to understand your organization’s offerings, differences, target audience group and how they make their buying decisions.

It will also help the agency understand how other businesses find yours. This is a time when current marketing challenges, initiative, problem areas, are growth goals are gathered and constructed as a workshop deliverable.

Buyer Persona Development and Company Profile

Another phase of any comprehensive digital marketing workshop should include the buyer persona development and creation of your company’s persona.

This is going to be the foundation to your business growth stack; the research and buyer persona creation alongside defining your clear brand identity will help your workshop leader customize your sales and marketing approach while defining how to cast your services and products into the right pools of buyers.

Expect a detailed Q&A session that is partially data-driven so that your workshop coach can get a clear sense of your standing.

Marketing Audit Covering Many Buckets

Any digital marketing workshop worth investing in should run a number of marketing audits. The three buckets that should be included are content and messaging, creative and dev, and technology.

As mentioned before in addressing the growth stack, technology platforms and strategies need to work together in order to garner success. When running an audit in these three areas, your workshop coach will identify your current tech stack, pinpoint your costs, look for an opportunity to cut cost, and discover how they are being used.

It is also extremely important to see which features in your toolset are being utilized by your internal team. Then the workshop should analyze your organization’s content to see how visitors are perceiving your brand, and how you as an organization are placing yourself in your respected industry.

Finally, a creative audit will reveal any opportunities for offering a better user experience.


Paid Media, Analytics and Competitor Research

Understanding how your business generates revenue and from which channels is a big part of a solid digital marketing workshop.

Expect to have your Google Analytics analized so that your workshop coach can discover traffic sources, engagement metrics, and where conversions come from. Your competitors, typically a handful of your direct competition and organic competitors, will be picked apart and analyzed.

These areas should include SEO history, site history and paid media spend. In addition, your workshop should include an analyzation of your paid media campaigns with detailed data farmed from history performance.

The Sales Process

Once all marketing data has been analyzed, your workshop host should review your sales process and how your team engages marketing qualified leads and gets them into the pipeline.

If your digital marketing workshop is truly top drawer it should include analyzing your sales cycle, sales funnel, internal processes, and look at key members of your team and how their role plays into reaching your overall business growth goals.

Deliverables and A Plan for Moving Forward

This is what you’ve been waiting for; it’s the time when all the results from the workshop are revealed along with a proposed growth stack.

This is typically when agencies discuss a proper fit between themselves and the workshop attendee in order to determine if their will be a partnership in executing the growth strategy.

How Much Should Someone Pay for A Digital Marketing Workshop?

First of all, should you pay for it? Absolutely; the agency is investing a lot of time in not only conducting the workshop, but hours upon hours of research and crafting a proposed strategy.

Cost is relative. Various marketing agencies charge in multiple ways. The important thing to ask yourself is if the investment is worth it to you to better understanding your growth potential.

One thing, however, that you should see, is a credit for the workshop towards services if you wind up working with the agency in executing the proposed growth strategy. And remember, even if you don’t wind up working with the agency, you will have sharp insight into your company’s potential, a better understanding of your buyers, and what it takes to hit your high revenue targets.

Start Researching Digital Marketing Workshops

Begin by researching various digital marketing workshops out there, and ensure they meet all of the points addressed in this article.

Take a look at the team on their website. What makes them qualified to lead a workshop, let alone be your growth partner?

What is their experience, and who have they partnered with?

Once you have compiled a short list, set up a time for a call and get a sense for who you think you can learn from, and potentially work with.


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