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How To Do A Killer Social Media Audit

Social media can be a beast to manage–multiple accounts, trending topics, the latest GIFs–and crafting a strategy? It’s enough to truly make your head spin.

Before you can devise a strategic plan or even offer recommendations for your company’s social media presence, you need to start with an audit. Let’s break it down.


What are the differences between platforms? Read up on the particular nuances of Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter vs. Snapchat until you feel like you can grasp what makes them tick.

Then examine: Are we working within those differences or posting identical “blanket content” across each one?

Which platforms are performing well, and why are we on each platform? If your only reason for having an Instagram account is because your competitors do, think again.

To make social media effective, your content has to be deliberate and specific to your brand’s goals.

Content Type

Not all content is created equal. Do you know what types of media do well for your brand on social media?

If your blog links get lots of love but your memes don’t, you don’t want to create a strategy that relies on the latest viral trend.

We recently discovered a clear content winner for one of our clients – their health-related posts got way more likes and shares than any other type of post – but they had no strategy to prioritize those topics or to test its resonance on other channels.

This was a huge missed opportunity to engage their customers’ particular interests.


Too many companies deem number of tweets posted as a measure of success. Regular posting is great, but you don’t want to just shout into the void.

It’s like the proverbial tree falling in the forest: if there’s no one liking or retweeting it, does it really matter?

Sadly, no. Understanding which posts get real engagement is crucial for concentrating your time and effort.


A social media strategy can’t just focus on what you want to put out in the world; you also have to listen to the voices that echo back.

Take the time to get a sense for how consumers are talking about your brand on social media.
How do they feel about your company? Do they have customer support needs that go unresolved?

Do they tag you in their Instagram stories or recommend you to their friends? How do you reward their interest or help address their issues?


There’s nothing worse than a brand that is silent for four days and then mass-retweets on Friday, flooding your news feed with their latest press release and an event promo and a silly employee video to show their internal culture.

Why? Because it screams unreliable; plus it can feel spammy and annoying in the moment.

Letting your social media accounts slide is an easy mistake to make, but your content audit can reveal the truth of your situation.


A good audit examines platforms, content types, performance, dialogue, and consistency, but a great audit considers the human factor.

Who’s behind your social media? What has been driving their decisions so far? And what sorts of resources can your brand provide to make your social presence sing?

These are the kinds of questions that you’ll need to answer before you can pull out your strategy thinking cap and get the most out of social.

We know this is a lot to consider when examining multiple corporate social accounts, so we made a template to guide you across channels through the what, when, and how.

Plus, it reminds you to check out opportunities you may be missing. Once you’re ready to start strategizing, your social media audit will be a killer road map to help you rock it.


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