How To Create A Persona For Marketing

Creating buyer personas will help you determine your marketing strategy by illuminating who the buyers are, the situations they are faced with and most important – what goals they are attempting to accomplish.

A Persona is a “fictional” representation of an actual user and is applied in the early stages of product development or product redesign. Personas are vital to the success of a product because they drive design decisions by taking common user needs and bringing them to the forefront of planning before design has actually started.

Buyer personas are important because without knowing who your ideal customers are, it is very difficult to create an effective marketing strategy to attract more of those types of people. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, their backgrounds, goals, challenges, and so on, based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Without understanding ideal customers inside and out, marketing efforts and business growth can take the risk.

One of the hardest parts of buyer persona creation comes up with the questions that will form buyer persona research. Creating questions and answering them in the manner that ideal customers respond can be complicated. At this point, MakeMyPersona, a tool that created by HubSpot, can help to find out a buyer persona and then you can integrate it to your marketing strategies.

MakeMyPersona tool is an interactive web tool that generates buyer personas for marketers, brands, startups, big and small business after responding a series of questions about ideal customers.

creating persona

How to Use the MakeMyPersona Tool

1) Go to and click ‘Start Making My Persona!’ button.

2) Answer the questions in the tool as best you can.

Creating a buyer persona can take time and research but you do not have to answer every question at once. Makemypersona will send an editable Word document, so you can make changes on it later.

People creating persona on the tool can put a physical and psychological features to the persona such as name, image or profession and they can generalise behaviours of top customers when thinking about the answers.

Survey tools like SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro are good ways to gain information for persona research for marketers who do not have a good customer database.

3) MakeMyPersona will send you your customised buyer persona within 15 minutes.

Once you have completed all of the questions, make sure you write a valid email address. It can take up to fifteen minutes to generate a persona and they will send an email that brings a buyer persona.

If you have difficulty to answers questions and and need some help, click here to check out these tips for researching buyer personas.

4) Share your persona(s) with people you work with.

Buyer persona can be saved as a PDF and sent it via email to all employees. Also it can be printed out.

HubSpot customers can use the persona tool within HubSpot. If you are not a HubSpot customer, you can take a free demo to try the tool.

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