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How To Create Brand Relevance, Trust And The Right Audience

A successful brand is not defined by the number of followers it has on its social media but instead by the number of brand-advocates it creates!

A lot of brands nowadays are getting greedy and becoming all about gathering likes on Facebook, getting retweets on Twitter, collecting followers on Pinterest –  you get the picture.  According to research this is not a very successful business tactic and brands need to steer away from the practice.

A survey released at Cannes by SurveyMonkey, the online-survey company; and Social@Ogilvy, the social-media arm of Ogilvy & Mather, where 5,500 social-media users in 11 countries were surveyed, revealed that it is important for brands to focus on building customers who are ‘brand-advocates’ instead of simply active on social forums. The survey pointed out that while 55% of the users in the USA were social addicts – those who merely followed the brand and shared their experiences, only about 19% were brand-advocates – those who carry the voice of the brand and promote it.

The social addicts who are merely active on social forums religiously like your updates, share your posts, often also share their own experiences and on the whole make you feel good about your brand, but don’t mistake them for the brand-advocates – your cash cows who will go on to sing praises of your brand and promote it within their circle of family and friends.

Build Relevance And Trust

According to the companies there are 5 ways a brands can build trust, relevance and attract the right kind of crowd:

1. Moment of truth
Brands must connect naturally with the right audience in the right place at the right time.

2. Inspire
Brands must use culturally relevant storytelling that flows across platforms and markets in real time.

3. Measure
Brands should focus on harder business metrics like leads, sales, performance and loyalty.

4. Precision
Brands must move from focusing on broad demographics to using behavior, interest and friendships to target its audience.

5. Bond
Brands should move from community management to customer engagement.

Thomas Crampton, global managing director at Social@Ogilvy, said in a statement,

Through genuine interaction and content designed to connect with true advocates, companies can drive forward their brand, business and reputation in ways not possible before this era of social media.

In conclusion, it’s imperative for brands to focus on building relevance and trust in order to utilize social media to the maximum, so as to transform your brand, your business and your reputation.

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