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How To Choose SEO-friendly Theme for Your Website or Blog

What is website promotion in search engines?

When a person has a question or problem, first he turns to the search string. The task of any site is to give the most complete and high-quality response to its request. Only then the user can choose yours among all other offers.

Search engine promotion is a set of actions aimed at improving the visibility of a site in search results and ensuring its traffic. It also attracts all effective channels to attract targeted visitors. Simply put, it helps you to attract customers who are interested in your product.

“Your website is the business card of your business, and SEO is your personal advertising agent.”

To sum up, SEO is a strategy for getting more traffic and gradual output of the site to the first lines in search engines.

This is a creation of resource with optimized code and formatting that allows search engines to find your site easily.

So, how can you build a website, if you still don’t have any?

1. The first thing that comes in mind is individual design. If you have a limited budget, I think it is not an option for you.

2. Using a template (for example e-commerce one) is also an idea.

3. And, of course, your choice can be a website builder. If you have a small business (you are a photographer, an interior designer or a blogger), it is perfect for you.

Have a look at the 10 best website builders on the picture below.


Source: WebsiteSetup
It is up to you, which template you choose — premium or free. It depends on your vision of your website. Of course, the premium templates have more features, better design, and responsive support.

What CMS should I use?

If you do some research, then you will find a lot of information that the WordPress platform is in a leading position on every list of popular CMSs. There are nearly 27 billion blogs created worldwide using WordPress.

Of course, you can pick another CMS like Joomla, Magento, Drupal. It is also a great choice. But this time I’m going to tell you about SEO optimization on a WordPress theme because it is so famous.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an SEO-friendly theme:

1. Short page load times of the website.
2. Responsive design.
3. Social Media Integration.
4. 24/7 responsive support.
5. A clean HTML heading structure.
6. Included features such as a layout builder.
7. Cross-browser compatibility.
8. Custom friendly navigation.

You’re probably now thinking that you have no idea about these points. That’s why you’ll find a small checklist here and then some good providers.

The checklist for choosing a WordPress SEO theme:

Test the performance of the demo page.


Example: WebPage Test

With WebPageTest you can quickly and check the load time of your website easily. The tool helps you to check page speed optimization and gives you some suggestion for improvements.

• Use Responsive Design Checker

Browserstack is a good tool for it.

Also, this theme — Solutem – Creative Agency Multipurpose is a great example of fully responsive design.


• Install the Chrome extension “SEO Meta in 1 Click” and check the HTML heading structure.

1. There is only one H1.
2. The HTML headings follow the correct hierarchy.
3. Only headings may appear in the main content.
4. There are no headings in the navigation, sidebar, and footer.

Theme SEO Metrics is fully customizable. Also, there are theme options panel and various header style.


• Check, if they provide support, in case you have problems with the theme.

Themes BamBom and Lairom have 24/7 lifetime support. Have a look at them below for better understanding.



• Find out, if the theme offers features, that can save you plugins.

The Markety theme has, for example, Slider Revolution — the number one selling slider plugin.


• There is no need for coding skills to have a website. But the valid code is an essential part of a good SEO theme.

An excellent example is SEOPocket. By the way, it has future updates and two online stores.


If you choose the wrong theme, you’ll spend a lot of time turning over On-Page-SEO and reducing your website’s load times.

Besides, you should not forget, that for SEO optimization websites structure is important. You can choose the theme with the right structure for you or change it using categories or URL structure.

SEO friendly URLs contain words that explain the content of the page clearly. They are easy to read for both people and search engines.

Plugins like CMS Tree Page View, Table of Contents Plus, Widget Logic will help you.

WordPress SEO Plugins

Do not forget the less you have plugins, the better!

But you can really need them, so choose the best ones. With these WordPress plugins, you will improve your search engine optimization!

1. Yoast SEO.
2. The SEO Framework.
3. Polylang.
4. WPML.
5. Shortcode Ultimate.
6. TOC Plus.
7. WP Rocket.
8. All-In-One SEO Pack.
9. Envira Gallery.
10. Smush Image Compression and Optimization.
11. Google XML Sitemaps.
12. Jetpack.
13. AMP for WordPress

Yoast SEO

Every WordPress site needs SEO plugin. If you don’t have it in your ready theme already, then get it. And when it comes to SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is by far the most popular option. It has many complex functions to give you control over the SEO of your website.

My tips for Yoast SEO — Be sure to set one focus keyword per page. Especially for a beginner, it is important that you commit to focus on a keyword and follow the advice of Yoast SEO. As you learn more about SEO, you will be less in need of Yoast, but in the beginning, the feature is very valuable.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is the right solution for you if you already know WordPress SEO and you don’t need all the bells and whistles of Yoast SEO anymore.

The benefit is that you save a lot of resources, which improves your performance, while the essential functions and settings options are still available for you.

For international SEO Polylang and WPML will be useful for you.

If you want to get started with a multilingual website, you should realize that it will require extra effort. Each page should be translated. Whenever you change your content, it must be translated into all languages too.


Polylang is not exactly a translation tool, but it allows you to create a website with the ability to publish content in different languages. You can publish one post in 5 languages, or create sections of the site for each language.

● Selecting languages for posts and post editing area.
● Creating posts in different languages.
● Actual multilingual site.
● Search engine optimized URL structure for different languages.
● Switch languages in a widget or navigation menu.
● Add as many languages as you want and so on.
● It is free.


WMPL is a paid premium plugin. Also, it isn’t an automatic translation plugin. Usually, it is included in your ready theme.

● There is complete and clear documentation on the use of this plugin.
● Ease of use.
● Can be used to localize search engine optimization services. WPML allows you to create SEO settings separately for each language when using the WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast or other SEO plugins.

Plugins for SEO Content Design

Shortcode Ultimate

The plugin provides over 100 different formatting widgets that you can customize yourself.

TOC Plus

This WordPress plugin automatically generates a table of contents for your article.

WP Rocket

It is cashing plugin that performs two main functions — making the site loading times faster and reduces the additional load on web hosting.

All-In-One SEO Pack

Plugin All-In-One SEO Pack is one of the most famous SEO WordPress Plugin. It has many SEO functions:

● It optimizes your titles for search engines and generates meta tags automatically.
● You can also redefine any title, set any meta descriptions and any meta keywords you want.
● The plugin is simple for beginners and has good functionality for advanced users.

This is only a small part of the plugin settings.

Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin

Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin — allows you to work with numerous images comfortably, including video support so that you can create a YouTube gallery easily. Also, add pictures with titles, organize the galleries into different photo albums.

This plugin is very responsible, and there is no limit in adding photos to the collections.

The lightbox gallery functionality allows you to show the large version of the image. If you want, you can add the image carousel of thumbnails bellow too. So, you can offer different sizes of image to download. Fast and quality support will help you if you have any questions.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

It is a popular image compression plugin. The time-tested and user experience tool for resizing images with the ability to set maximum widths and heights, Also, it helps to reduce large images as much as they can be compressed.

Google XML Sitemaps

With its help, you can generate and update the site map automatically, which is placed in the root directory instantly.


Jetpack plugin is so popular among WordPress users, that there is no unique point to mention it once again. However, there is a function that I especially appreciate: convenient integration of social buttons and social network widgets like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

AMP for WordPress

It allows you to generate AMP-versions of any pages of the site automatically, having made just a few simple manipulations.
There are much more useful plugins and tips.

I could have made a very long list. But, frankly, the most powerful thing in SEO is content. If you are interested in learning how to create the most powerful SEO content, check out this video 50 Shades of SEO for Bloggers.

Common mistakes

● Using bad-quality tags in page titles;
● No heading hierarchy;
● Almost no content on your website;
● Posting the same information will be taken as spam;
● Poorly made the architecture;
● Not mobile-friendly;
● Too much advertising;
● Wrong using of keywords;
● Bad site navigation;
● Slow page load times.

If you avoid all these mistakes, it will be halfway to success already.

You did it! Now you know so much about SEO optimization and how to choose the best SEO-friendly theme. You know how to optimize content on keywords and prepare it for your visitors lovingly. Furthermore, you have learned which tips should you follow and which common mistakes to avoid.

Congratulations, soon your website will offer more than 99% of websites on the Internet. But your way has only begun. Now it’s time to take care of your high-quality content, keep track of performance, and stay responsive to your audience.

And if you like my tips or have some question, leave a comment below and share with your friends!

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