How To Boost Your Email Open Rates And Email Marketing ROI

There are several ways to boost your email open rates and email marketing return on investment (ROI). Let’s talk about three of the most efficient ones and see how you can integrate them into your strategy today.

Your email marketing metrics give you invaluable feedback on how your content performs.

Open rates tell you a lot about the quality of your list, and also about how you can fine-tune your subject lines.

Click-through rates paint a clear picture of the effectiveness of your content in general and, especially, your calls-to-action (CTAs).

But, before you decide whether your engagement metrics could use some improvement, let’s see what the stats say.

What’s a good open rate?

According to an extensive study conducted by MailChimp, the average open rate – across all industries – is 20.81%. What’s yours? If it’s way below this number, don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions to fix it.

Whether you need an email checker to clean your list or a revamping of your copy, these tips will help you create a more engaged email community.

Use an email checker to weed out bad data

When you notice your open rates declining, you may be tempted to believe something’s not right with your content. Yes, that can be the case. However, before you think of ways to improve it, take a look at your email list.

How many spam complaints do you get, on average?

How many of your emails bounce?

Are you doing everything you can to collect accurate email addresses and maintain email hygiene?

Emailing invalid email addresses not only has an immediate impact on your bounce rate. Apart from those emails bouncing, using a messy list tarnishes your sender reputation – a crucial element of your email marketing. Hence, inbox providers will start placing your emails in people’s spam folder. Who wants to land there?

Not you.

Furthermore, if your bounce rate is too high or you hit too many spam traps, your emails may not even make it to the spam folder. They just won’t reach your subscribers at all. No wonder your open rates will start to sink.

All email marketers are confronted with data decay. The quality of your email list is constantly declining. People abandon their email addresses or change jobs and switch to a different account. Also, bots and disposable emails can spoil your database, causing your reputation – and open rates – to suffer. This is where an email checker makes a dramatic difference.

By weeding out bad data from your list, it helps you to:

  • improve and maintain your sender reputation
  • establish trust with inbox providers
  • reach your subscribers and reconnect with them
  • boost your open rates and conversions

Curious to see how it works? You can try a free trial email verifier at ZeroBounce and get your results in seconds. The system tells you whether a certain email address is valid and, when enough data is available, will add your subscriber’s name and gender.

Email consistently

Building a successful email marketing program and improving ROI takes time. Above all, though, it takes consistency in both your content quality and sending rhythm.

Again, inbox providers are the ones who determine where your emails go – the Inbox, the spam folder, or nowhere at all. An erratic sending behavior is a red flag and will affect your deliverability and open rates.

On the other hand, sending your emails on the same day (and even at the same time) promotes better inbox placement and higher overall engagement.

That’s because:

  • you’re not taking inbox providers by surprise. They know what to expect from you and they trust you. Therefore, they deliver your emails.
  • the same applies to the people in your list. They know you email them once a week (or twice a month) and they make a habit out of clicking on your subject lines.

So, set a schedule for your emails and stick to it. You’ll see your open rates increasing and, also, the rest of your metrics will improve. As an email sender, being predictable is always beneficial.

Does your copy need a revamp?

Your email list is up-to-date. Also, you’re sending your emails regularly. However, you still feel like your open rates aren’t doing your content justice.

What if you took a closer look at your copy?

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks can go a long way. You don’t have to change your brand voice, but maybe you can write your content in a more relatable manner. Remember, even corporations use a conversational tone in their copy. It won’t make you look unprofessional. On the contrary, it will allow you to build a stronger connection with your audience, and that will reflect in your open rates, as well.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Read as much as you can. Newspapers and magazines are a great place to start. Journalists write for people, so follow David Ogilvy’s advice and steal their techniques.
  • Subscribe to several marketing emails and newsletters. Especially those of your competitors. This will help you get a feel of the topics and writing styles around you, and develop your own.
  • Take a copywriting class. There are so many of them online, and the benefits are undeniable. But first, devour all the copywriting blogs you can find. A lot of great advice is free.
  • Ask for feedback. Your colleagues, family, and friends will see details that escape you and they will offer you worthy insight. Consider their suggestions and see how they impact your open rates.

If you feel intimidated by the number of things you need to do to succeed at email marketing, you’re not alone. Most marketers feel this way. They work hard to create compelling content, engage their subscribers and increase their open rates.

Remember the takeaways of this article:

  • use an email checker to keep your list clean
  • send your emails regularly
  • be open to adjusting your copy.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Great email marketing ROI happens when you keep an enthusiastic attitude.

If you’re looking to learn more about the ways that you can increase your open rate, we strongly suggest you read the article entitled “4 Ways To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate” shared by Mobiteam digital agency as well.

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