How Leadership Teams Take The Wrong Approach Seeking Partnerships With Digital Marketing Agencies

A 300-page book can easily be written that covers the multiple reasons why organizations benefit from partnering with digital marketing agencies. But, there is value in uncovering the wrong approach and logic that’s typically taken when vetting them so that C-suite types can make the best decisions for their companies.

Most companies start searching for the best digital marketing agency around October. However, some organizations undervalue this need either because they have an internal team, or because they opt for other marketing strategies.

This article is intended to help CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and executive leadership teams better understand their real need for a professional marketing partnership, and how to approach various agencies by knowing what not to do.

First You Need to Have Clearly Defined Goals

I recently wrote an article that looks at corporate goal-setting where a shockingly high number of companies have not only failed to define them in real depth, but they have no plan to meet those goals, nor have they achieved hitting their revenue targets.

Before you start searching for a digital marketing partner, you must first have a clear understanding of your short-term and long-terms goals, as well as a plan for assessing these as long-terms goals can quickly change based on market trends and consumer behavior (as well as other factors).

But defining goals is easier said than done. This is why finding a digital agency that is really a growth marketing agency by definition is crucial.

Today’s top growth marketing agencies help companies define their goals by analyzing their sales cycle, cost per acquisition, overhead, brand identity, products and services, consumer supply and demand, competition, and a number of other components before presenting action-based and measurable goals with backup strategies in place that fit the company’s vision statement and overall objectives.

After this stage an agile Growth Stack of tools and strategies are put together to achieve both short-term and long-term goals necessary for hitting high-revenue targets and achieving year-over-year growth.

Often, agencies catch wind of the buzz associated with SEO, paid media, inbound marketing and other strategies, and fish around the Internet looking for a vendor that has a polished look. Look past the smoke and mirrors; seek a partnership with a true growth-driven agency that aligns all tactics with achieving your goals.

The Approach Isn’t Buyer-Focused

The approach taken by a growth marketing agency will always be customer-focused and hyper dialed in to your buyer’s needs. While your internal teams may have a good understanding if your customers, there is an inherent bias that prevents organizations from looking at real data and discovering new segments that can easily convert to satisfied customers.

When leadership teams partner with growth marketing agencies they need to make sure the foundation for every strategy is locked in on how buyers consume information and content that plays into their purchase making decisions. Forming a union with a growth marketing agency ensures an approach that is truly dialed in to your buyer personas, free from bias, and capable of making swift shifts based on market climate changes.

Unparalleled Experience with Broader Skillsets

Companies hemorrhage money by trying to piece together individual internal talents. Usually when they get when paying multiple new salaries are individuals who may be somewhat dangerous enough at their specialty, but there is zero communication between team members when it comes to aligning goals and strategies.

This is why partnering with digital marketing agencies make more sense from the financial play, but also for the sake of greater efficiency, skills, and achieving both short and long-term goals.

“Smarketing”, a phrase coined by HubSpot is the unification of sales and marketing to work together to achieve the same goals in a time-saving, money-saving holistic manner.

This is not something that can be taught in a day; it takes years of agency experience for sales and marketing to create hybrid strategies that help organizations achieve their goals, so rather that let dollars flutter through the cracks it is much more practical to invest with an agency who knows who to customize sales enablement strategies powered by marketing ingenuity to maximize profit and goal achievement.

Finally, partnering with digital marketing agencies will provide an opportunity for expert sales and marketing alignment marketers to come train your internal teams to work together in a goal and growth oriented context.

Growth Marketing Agencies Simply Make Sense for Your Bottom Line

Multiple studies reveal that partnering with a growth marketing agency is more affordable than hiring in-house, produces faster results with greater consistency and efficiency, and come with a broader range of skills.

In addition, fresh perspective amalgamates with creativity and powerful technologies such as marketing automation platforms and lead qualification systems that significantly increase lead generation.

Do your research, vet some of the top growth marketing agencies in the industry, and discover how much annual revenue your organization leaves on the table that could otherwise be funneled through your sales and marketing pipelines.

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