How Does Email Marketing Affect Your Business? Long Live the Newsletter

There are 4 billion daily email users and 99% of those users check their inbox every morning. That’s crazy numbers and a large, untapped resource for your startup to be gaining visibility.

Picture the scene: You’re a consumer, checking your emails one morning and you sigh as you’re faced with a wall of promotional and spam emails you don’t remember signing up for. There’s nothing that excites you anymore in your inbox, not like the thrill of when you first received emails. Every company wants you to buy when really all you want is to know a bit more about the people behind the products.

This is where your startup’s newsletter breaks down the door and brings the party back to your reader’s inboxes. Initially, readership may be small and difficult to grow, leaving you to wonder why you’re spending energy on newsletters at all… Trust us when we say that once you’ve got a newsletter going, the opportunities are endless.


Building Relationships with Readers

It’s already a good sign that your consumers have signed up to hear from you, so now is your chance to allow them to really get to know you. A newsletter is a place for your creativity and personality to shine through and humanizing your brand through the usual titbits you find in emails like these is a great strength.

More than anything, consumers want to know that they’re valued and heard, so letting them behind the curtain in the format of a newsletter is a great way to do this. Maintaining this relationship with a consistent release of newsletters, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, will see your readership and growth expand.

Keeping Readers up to Date with Company and Industry News

As the name suggests, this is a vessel to deliver the news. Your readers want to know what’s going on, otherwise, they wouldn’t be signed up, so who better to go to than the horse’s mouth? Keeping them abreast of news ups your standing as an authority figure within your sector.


Plus, as a founder, you’re most likely aware of everything going on in your industry, as well as your company, so use this information to your advantage by putting it in your newsletter. You can entice readers to be on the lookout for the next addition by teasing and releasing news which they’d only find out by signing up and continuing to read.

Reinforcing Your Brand’s Story and Reputation

This goes for anything from the tone of voice to the way the newsletter looks. It’s one of the best ways to cement your branding the way you want it as you’re in control of all aspects. Depending on your startup, you can be playful and joke-y, or you can be serious and formal. It’s up to you, but it must be consistent across the board.

Consumers like to buy from brands they feel they have a personal connection with, so reinforcing your story by telling it how you want to through a newsletter is a solid foundation to start on.

Increase Your Visibility for Your Products and Services

There is a balance between what readers will assume is an instant delete email and one they want to open, and that balance hangs on how much advertising is done throughout. So, whilst you’re excited about your product (and for good reason) and you want to shout about it and get readers to become customers, you have to be tactful about how much advertising you do.

A newsletter is more personal and centered around you and your team for the most part, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine a light on all the wonderful things you have to offer. A loyal readership, who are excited to read your email each time, will share it with their family, friends, and followers, which will only increase traffic to your social media and websites.

Newsletters are a powerful tool to have in your startup’s marketing arsenal and at blazon we can help give yours that irresistible flair to keep your competition wishing they were you and your readers reading. Also, check our best email marketing agencies In the USA directory if you’re looking for one.

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