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How Combining SEO With PPC Can Improve Your Overall Marketing

SEO and PPC are the two most popular methods of digital marketing.

From large corporations looking to increase their organic traffic on a global scale, to local mom and pop shops seeking an increase in traffic, SEO and PPC are proven to help grow businesses of all sizes.

The problem is that most organizations either invest in one or the other; they regard PPC and SEO as two foreign entities that are completely isolated from each other. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal isn’t to rank all over page one of Google, or get an increase in CTRs.

More than likely, you want to hit those high-revenue targets and expand your brand awareness. While search engine optimization and pay-per-click may be very different, they are really the perfect couple – a match made in heaven for organizations that want to capitalize on greater growth opportunities.

In order to understand the value of uniting PPC with SEO, one should look to the best digital marketing growth agencies in Los Angeles to learn how they combine these two marketing services to enhance their client’s revenue.

When marketers combine paid media / PPC, and SEO services, greater value is squeezed to produce a return that far exceeds the sum of their individual components.

This article is directed to those who are currently investing in or thinking about utilizing one of these services but not the other.

It is meant to help businesses discover how to get the most from their marketing investment by combining PPC with SEO to attract more clicks, capture larger audiences, and convert web visitors into paying customers.

SEO and PPC Keyword Data Improves Optimization

When marketers run SEO alongside PPC, there is double the data to analyze, and with this comes twice the ability to find key points for improving an overall marketing strategy.

Start by discovering which organic and paid keywords have the highest conversion rates. Be sure to pay attention to the context and ranking components associated with each keyword.

Once this data has been farmed you can begin experimenting with new ads and organic search strategies by interchanging these elements.

Study Your Best Performing Ad Copy Next to Your Content for SEO

High-performance content for SEO strategies generally works well for PPC, and vice-versa. Determine which PPC ads have the best conversion. Look at the CTA content, description line and title.

Notice commonalities across multiple ads. Then turn to Google Analytics and look at the web pages that get strong engagement.


Notice the keywords for each page, and the context they’re used in.

Once these takeaways are identified from both paid and organic content you can begin optimizing both strands of your marketing with the detected KPIs.

Just keep in mind this is a process, and may take a few tweaks before you start hitting your conversion rate goals.

Combining PPC and SEO Increases Your Visibility

It goes without saying that this benefit is the most obvious. Combining PPC and SEO allows your brand and its products to dominate page one of Google through multiple appearances in both paid and organic spaces.

According to Google, ranking organically while also appearing in paid results increases click-through-rates by more than 80%.

So long as your content targets the right buyers while addressing their pain points with the best solution, you can expect to see an increase in conversions.

Additionally, appearing in multiple places on page one of Google gives buyers the impression that your company is the industry leader. Therefore it gives people more of a reason to trust your brand as opposed to the competition.

SEO Data can Optimize PPC for Greater Performance

We all have those ads that don’t perform as well as others. When we fully understand our audiences we are able to create headlines, descriptions and CTAs that make an emotional connection with target audiences. SEO data can unearth granular details that shed light on what resonates with buyers, and what doesn’t.

Determine which top pages have the longest session durations, low bounce rates, and highest conversion rates. Also note the meta description, title tags, head tags, and determine the keywords and their context per page.

You can optimize the content in your paid ads with these discoveries in an attempt to improve performance.

A Strong PPC / SEO Hybrid Strategy Fights Negative PR

Even the best brands in their industry get negative noise from competitors or their customers. One of many strategies used by digital marketing agencies that offer online reputation management is combining SEO and PPC efforts to control conversations seen by their respective audiences.

Again, it all comes down to visibility. By dominating paid results and organic results for certain keywords, companies can greatly increase the chances that buyers will click on their messaging, as opposed to bad PR pieces.

For example, let’s say a company that makes frozen pizzas is trying to battle bad PR from a food poisoning incident.

Using branded keywords alongside exact match keywords and top organic keywords can help such a company appear at the top of the SERPs with content that shows buyers what the real problem was, such as a sausage supplier that caused the problem whom they no longer source products from.

Combining SEO with PPC gives companies the opportunity to tell their side of the story before people get the wrong ideas.

Both marketing services help brands gain premium visibility through paid and organic search results while reducing the risk of losing customers through damaging content.

SEO and PPC Simply Belong Together

If your ultimate goal is to increase web traffic that converts into paying customers while expanding your brand visibility and its reputation, running a hybrid SEO and PPC strategy will have a significant impact on your performance.

Just make sure you partner with a digital marketing agency that has experience in running a paid media and organic strategy while collecting data points to make continuous optimizations to your overall strategy!

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