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How CEOs Can Build Growth Momentum In Difficult Times

If your online sales in 2018 left something to be desired, you are not alone.

For many organizations it seems this year has been one of marketing trial and error, and one that saw huge losses in organic traffic due to a number of Google algorithm update.

Then there are agencies who have bigger challenges to overcome. According to Reflektive, more than 68 percent of mid-size and large businesses lack a measurable ability to define and track their goals. And more than 90 percent failed to hit their goals.

Having a clearly defined set of short-term and long-term goals is a great starting point. But what’s key is to engineer a strategy that garners growth momentum right out the gate, and that has the necessary set of tools and strategies designed to help organizations hit their high revenue goals while collecting and deciphering data to optimize marketing campaigns.

This is of hyper importance, especially when sobering up from a difficult year of lacklustre results ready to start a new and promising year, but within a landscape where competition is at new highs.

As a CEO, you primarily care about your ability to showcase your bottom line reporting with oodles to smile about.

This is where custom Growth Stacks make all the difference, and why members of the C-suite and executive marketing teams will find tons of value in digital marketing agencies specializing in custom growth stacks for mid-size and large businesses.

What’s a Growth Stack?

This term is still relatively new, but is growing as a recognizable component to digital marketing. A Growth Stack is a set of custom tools and strategies synced and designed to work together towards achieving the same goals.

Growth Stack components will vary based on the organization’s goals, their buyers, their sales cycle, and a number of other factors. However, most Growth Stacks include the strategies of SEO, paid media, inbound and content marketing, and have a powerful CRM with marketing automation capabilities and a]a robust management platform accessible by multiple teams.

The CRM will be the core of any Growth Stack, and the best ones will integrate with existing software used by clients.

Finally, a desirable CRM will not only pull data from Google Analytics; it will collect data that’s even more valuable and revealing when it comes to where revenue was generated, and what prompted the lead to make a purchase.

Lead Generation Fuels Growth Momentum

Organizations need to create their short-terms goals around lead generation. Unfortunately, companies invest in strategies like SEO with the goal to gain visibility on page one for keywords with high search volume, but this tactic is a poor one when it comes to generating leads.

SEO is an ideal and highly necessary strategy for driving top-of-funnel traffic; it just has to be executed by experts that are focused on generating growth as opposed to ranking to the moon just for show.

This means audience-targeting tactics need to be executed in a manner that attracts the right kind of traffic most likely to convert. That means, there’s no room for out-dated SEO or paid media, which aren’t managed by a skilled strategist.

Growth Stacks help marketers better understand their target audience so that the right messaging can be applied to paid media campaigns targeting audiences most likely to converts, and SEO ranks phrases for content that hits upon their pain points with content presenting products and services as the ideal solution.

Once leads come in from paid media and organic channels, marketers trace their steps, determine conversion points, classify them into the appropriate buyer persona, and segment the leads within the Growth Stack’s central platform where they are educated by content that speaks directly to their pain points until they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

But without the right kind of leads, contacts will drop off before they can even reach the bottom of the funnel. This is yet another reason why more CEOs invest in Growth Marketing Stacks; they see the value in high-quality top-of-funnel traffic that results in a smooth nurturing process with a new sale at the end of each journey.

Momentum Runs on Mining Growth-Driven Data Through the Buyer’s Journey

CEOs know all too well that data acquisition is costly. It requires a great degree of time, expensive tools, and often companies purchase leads that are outdated or irrelevant to the buyer’s needs. The best growth marketing agencies use a CRM that collects personal, high-level data on every form subits, download, or through any initial first point of contact.

Google Analytics may reveal opaque information on your website’s user engagement, but a robust CRM will reveal the lead’s full name, the company they work for, their job title, and which social media platforms they are active on along with their handles.

Not only can this information be used to sell through the creation of custom content, it can be collected and stored to give deeper insight into who the buyers are, reveal which audiences to target with precise messaging tokens, and help optimize content and the sales process at specific times of the year.

Basically, it allows for highly customized marketing tactics to hit any buyer type thus increasing conversion rates without blowing away the marketing budget.

Your First Step is Discovery

In order to determine if the Growth Marketing Stack is an ideal fit for your business and precise goals, you will want to have a consultation with a growth marketing agency.

Look for a service provider that bases the strategy around how your customers make purchasing decisions, and ask how growth momentum will be monitored and maintained.

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