Unlimited Design Services: How Brands Save Over 90% On Design Expenditure

SeekThem recently introduced unlimited design monthly subscriptions. This model allows brands to shatter the biggest barrier keeping them from full-fledged online visual personalities: price uncertainties.

With this monthly graphic design package, you can make unlimited design requests, unlimited feedback changes and access unlimited team members. No limits whatsoever. You can also pause or cancel your subscription anytime.


SeekThem is a creative design and branding services agency. The company announced the unlimited design monthly subscriptions so that your business can inform, engage and sell without any limits.

As a company, their approach to design is a fine balancing act of respecting science and psychology, and challenging the traditions of our industry while still being affordable.

Introducing Unlimited Design Subscription


With the unlimited design subscription, brands can put in as many design requests as they want only at $2,200/month. The alternative to this subscription is hiring a full-time mid-senior level designer.


That will cost you almost $100,000 a year. The monetary factors make it clear that going for the monthly plan is smarter as the plan gives you access to unlimited team members.

Not to mention, the time and money a company has to spend to find someone. If you add the numbers, with the plan you can save up to $70,000/year.

All you have to do is put in a request and the team will work on one request at a time based on your priority. Most designs are completed in 1-2 days. And if you don’t like the designs, you can ask the team to revise it as many times as you want.

Is It Worth It?

The most obvious question to ask. And the short answer is, yes. 83 of the brands that work with SeekThem have already converted to the monthly graphic design package.

Why? Because of the value that designs provide in building brand identity, creating brand engagement and generating sales.

And, it eliminates guesswork and detailed planning that needs hours.

You can’t guess the design collateral you will need tomorrow or in 6 months. You can’t mass produce the designs, because so much of it is trial and error. Hence, the subscription can help you create more of the landing pages and designs that have proven to work. And with this plan, you can improve upon the designs that didn’t work.

With the unlimited design subscription, you get a system that provides you unlimited design assets and gives you a massive artillery to win any branding war.

How Does It Work?

Once, you have purchased the unlimited design subscription, there are three simples steps to the process:

  • Request as many designs as you want and as often.
  • The design will be delivered within a few business days, Monday through Friday. At this stage, if you don’t like the design we will revise them till you are satisfied.
  • You can use the designs digitally or on print. Use them for your marketing, product interfaces, and business collateral and merch.

Seekthem Perks of the Unlimited Design Subscription

Here are some perks that come with the monthly graphic design package.

1. With the unlimited design subscription, you get a board that serves as one location for the status of all of your designs. It allows you to keep easy track of active requests, completed projects, and the backlog.

2. Copy and paste designs and templates are used by thousands of companies across the world and most likely by your competitors too. Build a unique brand identity and create customer loyalty by using unique designs made specifically for your brand.

3. The unlimited design subscription does its best to give you designs within two days. So, if you have an urgent social media campaign, or you want to hop on trends before they become outdated, it is possible with the unlimited design subscription.

4. No work at the moment? No problem. It’s an unlimited design subscription and not a full-time designer you hired and cannot fire. Just pause the subscription at any time. If you suspect there will be no work soon, you can cancel the subscription. No commitment.

5. The designers will understand your brand and create a consistent identity that reflects in each design. With the unlimited design subscription, brand recognition is never a problem.

If you want to make everything about your brand visually pleasing and tie different elements like your invoices, emails, and social media profiles of your brand together with consistent, quality designs, an unlimited design subscription is a good choice.

About SeekThem

SeekThem is a global creative design & branding agency built by marketing, branding, and tech veterans, for both B2B and B2C brands.