How AI Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

One of the technological advancements that have been developing for the past decade is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it continues to change the digital marketing game. Although there are technical advancements, making AI powerful now are the trends that will most likely emerge in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is such a hot topic, and everyone has their eye on the latest development because it allows exciting and fresh opportunities to occur in digital marketing. Because AI is a growing industry, businesses need to keep up with the trends and changes to keep their business in high ranks.

For this reason, many business owners collaborate with an experienced digital agency to ensure that their business stays on track during the ever-evolving world of the AI industry and digital marketing space.

If you’re curious about what AI developments have in store for the digital marketing world in the future, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what artificial intelligence is, how it will impact various marketing efforts, and how it’s shaping the future of digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Before diving deep into the world of AI, you first need to understand what it is and its connection to digital marketing. AI stands for artificial intelligence and uses this type of technology to create automated decisions based on data collection and analysis, audience observations, and economic trends.

Because of the way AI works, it can be incredibly powerful in assisting with your brand’s Digital Marketing strategies by identifying trends, data, audiences and more.

AI and Pay-Per-Click Marketing Efforts

One of the developments in the digital marketing world is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. This type of search marketing allows a business to run campaigns, increase reach, and generate sales through ad placement on various search networks. To maximize the potential of this marketing avenue, you need to monitor these campaigns and improve them based on monitoring your analytics.

Over the years, AI has been a key factor in getting the most value from these PPC campaigns, and many predict it will continue to be that way. Google has continued to improve their machine learning algorithms, and is increasingly involving machines in the PPC process.

To know how AI works with PPC marketing, you need to understand how PPC works. The algorithms Google implemented for this type of ad manages bids and optimizes keywords to push conversions for your campaign. However, there are some gaps in the algorithm that you may need to fill in to maximize its service.

As an agency, our job is to monitor our clients’ campaigns progress, and intervene when needed. However, you should know that AI can start to recognize these details, too.

With AI and expert marketing services, you’ll be able to gather valuable data that will help you improve your PPC efforts and change the way you sell your services and products.

Will AI Take Over the Need for Humans to Be Involved in PPC

Here’s a question I get often, will there come a point where AI’s machine learning intelligence takes over the need for a human to be involved in the campaigns? The answer is possibly, but definitely not for the foreseeable future.

Some areas of PPC require creativity. In the case of creativity, humans will almost always outperform robots. Machines are great at figuring out correlations within data, but there will always be the need to emotionally connect with your audience through your Marketing messaging and identity, which isn’t something AI can do well – at least yet.

AI and Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, AI has already revolutionized search engine optimization through many software and digital advancements. However, SEO software is still learning how to surpass human capabilities; that’s why it may need a bit more help.

Humans are much more effective in using and researching the right keywords to use and are more efficient in building relationships with other online entities. However, when AI is integrated into learning its algorithms, it could serve as a digital marketing game-changer.

Once AI is capable of communicating at human levels, many technical parts of marketing tools, such as SEO, will benefit and operations will be done better by machines and various software.


The Future of Digital Marketing With AI

When Artificial Intelligence goes through more developments, it will lead to more advancements in developing various marketing strategies.

According to an article in trueNorth, 61% of marketers believe that AI is an important part of their data strategy. Around 80% of tech leaders and business owners notice that teams and operations are more productive and efficient because of AI and boost productivity by 40%.

Besides that, you should know that 97% of mobile users use AI-powered voice assistants to help them with their tasks and search for information online. This is because AI has become more accessible to the public, allowing people to improve their work daily and agencies to work efficiently by gathering and analyzing data efficiently, predicting digital trends, and enhancing brand quality in an evolving marketing landscape.

Although many still use traditional marketing strategies in their campaigns, digital models are starting to lead the pack. However, marketers are marrying conventional marketing efforts with digital strategies because both focus on consumer-based behavior. Because of this, automation is born, resulting in digital sales and virtual customer support.

Once AI is integrated into traditional businesses, conventional marketing will long be forgotten, and AI-powered marketing campaigns will take charge. This will allow businesses to hit business goals faster, reach an even wider audience, and increase productivity and efficiency in their operations.

AI and Profitability

Artificial Intelligence will become a vital tool for small businesses because it will help them save money and increase their profit. This is because AI technology will help marketers predict trends that will help them create appropriate strategies to boost marketing efforts.

Besides that, since AI can gather and analyze information, it will help businesses create fact-based decisions, enabling them to allocate the right budget and target for their campaigns. For this reason, you’ll be able to produce smarter and more effective advertisements that will help you increase sales cost-effectively.


Moving forward, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to provide a positive effect on the digital marketing landscape. Marketing efforts will be more sustainable, scalable, and have more impact on marketing trends worldwide. This is why you should start planning for your business’s to incorporate the power of AI into it’s marketing campaigns, so that you can properly integrate new techniques, trends, and efforts to ensure that your brand is always ready for the advancements of the digital age.

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