How A Well Thought Out Value Proposition Is Taking Lively Root From A Company To A Brand By MaxAudience 

Lively Root is a young company that saw a void in the gardening and nursery industry when it came to the customer experience. 

As plant lovers and horticulturists, they want to share their love and knowledge to help people put some life into their world.  They are dedicated to inspiring the world to add “green life” to their homes and offices.  Lively Root is committed to educating and encouraging the world to imagine a more lively living space.

Lively Root realized that they needed help with brand management when they approached marketing agency, MaxAudience.  

Project Overview

Lively Root identified Millennials as a primary target audience for their products.  Their plants are home grown at their nursery and fulfillment center in CA. Lively Root only sells eco-friendly products that are packaged and delivered directly to their clients.  However, targeting and brand awareness is an element that needed substantial help.

The overall strategy is to help with online branding and marketing efforts by showing what is unique about Lively Root.  Including their process of getting healthy, amazing plants to your door. Sometimes amazing companies with great products and services just need a process to tighten down their message.  That message is tied to the value the company brings to the market and is what turns a great product or service into a brand.

Implementing the Strategy

A value proposition is a statement that answers the “why” someone should do business with you.  It should convince a potential customer why your service or product will be of more value to them than a competitor.

The value prop must be clear and concise. MaxAudience understood that the value proposition would be the first step in creating a brand.  The team worked with Lively Root on creating the messaging that would connect value to the buyer’s challenges. 

MaxAudience creates value props with clients as the first step in transitioning a company to a brand.  From the value proposition, the campaigns are built with intent and goals.

A good value proposition can be the difference between a companies next customer or a bounce rate.  The value proposition sets up the PPC Campaigns and creates effective SEO and Content Marketing that will drive traffic to the website and increase revenue.

The value proposition that was created: We are plant enthusiasts that enable you to lively up your world. 

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO said,

“My role is to give business leaders the space and process to translate their vision into concise, value driven messaging,” 

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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