Heinz Lets You ‘Eat’ Their Delicious Instagram Posts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like eat the mouthwatering food that you see on Instagram? If yes, now you can.

Many of us scour the Instagram #foodporn hashtag and get hungry while looking at the posts. Heinz Brazil solved the problem with their own Instagram account by posting delicious burgers that can actually be sent to their followers when ordered.

The campaign is titled “Irresistable Posts” and is created by Africa, plus the support of Facebook Creative Shop. To target the local users who look at Stories in Instagram at lunchtime, the app uses geolocation and serves the well-done burgers made by chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beers restaurant.


Heinz Marketing Director Isabella Rizzo, explains in a statement,

We decided to turn people’s craving into reality. Irresistible Posts innovate in the way people consume content: by eating it with Heinz.

Just like they say, “Because the best way to like the post is… eating it.”